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It does seem fairly silly for what should be a simple set of 2dc2238. Oct 7, at 9: Your username or email address: To be honest, the fakes are more obvious than that. This thread is starting to get datazheet interesting. Post 5 of Yes, my password is: I was going to say that I haven’t seen green in these particular transistor sets, so I’d vote for the bottom grouping as being genuine. Post 12 of The Japanese are in short supply as well and buy them where they can get them.

Post 1 of The moral here is that genuine Toshibas or not – where they are manufactured makes a difference. I’ve also never seen the 2SC with the straight “T”, but they are known to be genuine that way with the 2SA’s. I ended up getting the Japanese ones and each one was up to spec. MCM is easily your best chance of getting the real thing, too. Oct 8, at 5: I have two sets I recently obtained, the first, from RF Parts with no source identification are seen below: I think doubt is always going to be a problem with obsolete parts, regardless of the number of counterfeits out there.


Looks like I may need to make a more elaborate test jig and see if we can get some analytical data to advance the conversation.

2SC Datasheet(PDF) – Quanzhou Jinmei Electronic Co.,Ltd.

No, seeing those backs in your new photo leads me to belive that you have genuine Toshiba’s. I checked them and the gain of the straight T version were abyssmal.

I have the same pairs of transistors on hand from Farnell so it should be genuine for the first one. Post 6 of Oct 9, at 3: Oct 9, at 9: Post 8 of The Toshibas from Japan have a block type of T.

2SC 데이터시트(PDF) – Quanzhou Jinmei Electronic Co.,Ltd.

The ones from other parts of asia have the straight T as in your examples. Oct 5, at 3: Post 13 of These are up to spec. Examples of Toshiba Japan logos on transistors. Also, the round indentation with letters and numbers are known to be used on the genuine 2SA’s.


Dstasheet and tag from Japan doesn’t mean much – I’ve had Korean and Indian in those bags. I still think the green ones are probably a reduced HFE output version, though. Anyway, that’s about the extent of my experience with them.

Oct 5, at 6: Many of the Chinese, Korean, and Indian transistors have some pretty messy backs where the plastic is smudged over, etc. Post 10 of The datashdet often try to use the more elaborate slant “T.

(PDF) 2SC2238 Datasheet download

Post 3 of Oct 9, at 4: Need help from Experienced Eyes: By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

It helps to see the backs, too.

Share This Page Tweet. Oct 8, at 7: Post 4 of This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Post 7 of Oct 8, at Oct 4, at 8: