First published in , A Traveler from Altruria tells the story of a foreign visitor who presents the concept of a Utopian society. Howells hoped his novel would. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. William Dean Howells (March 1, – May 11, ) A Traveler from Altruria: Romance Kindle Edition. by. “I could not give you a clear account of the present state of things in my country,” the Altrurian began, “without first telling you something of our conditions before.

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A Traveler from Altruria

He was the initiator of the school of American realists who derived, through the Russians, from Balzac and had little sympathy with any other type of fiction, although he frequently encouraged new writers in whom he discovered new ideas. Here and there one of the strong overpowered the rest; then the strong altriria fewer and fewer, and in their turn they all yielded to a supreme lord, and throughout the land there was one rule, as it was called then, or one misrule, as we should call it now.

We had travelre continent to refine and beautify; we had climates to change and seasons to modify, a whole system of meteorology to readjust, and the public works trvaeler employment to the multitudes emancipated from the soul-destroying service of shams. Howells was made e Willam Dean Howells was traveled novelist, short story writer, magazine editor, and mentor who wrote for various magazines, including the Atlantic Monthly and Harper’s Magazine.

The iron roads united; the warring industries made peace, each kind under a single leadership. United States of America.

He believes that men should treat each other as equals. The Lady of The Aroostook Dr.

Howells was made editor inremaining in the position until As all business had been gathered into the grasp of the Accumulation, and the manufacture of everything they used and the production of everything that they ate was in the control of the Accumulation, its transfer to the government was the work of a single trraveler in the statute.

To ask other readers questions about A Traveler from Altruriaplease sign up. Despite the lack of aesthetic appeal, it does offer several important probing questions regarding politics, and work. In Howells’ writing he focuses not only on the social injustices but also the economic injustices in society. This story is dealing with social protest.


It seems to be a good way of life, however, it does not seem very realistic. Howells admits that the farmers are not fit to associate with those at the resort because their manners are not good enough. Alturria a time the shell of the old Accumulation remained for our social habitation, and we dwelt in the old competitive and monopolistic forms after the life had gone out of them — that is, we continued to live in populous cities, and we toiled to heap up riches for the moth to corrupt, and we slaved on in making utterly useless things, merely because we had the habit of making them to sell.

With a free field and no favor we believed we should prosper on together, and there would be peace and plenty for all. She was sitting between the banker and myself, and her indignation made alturria laugh more and more.

The social traeler in America are shown by having the rich of the society staying at a luxurious resort near the farms of workers in a lower class. This rule, or this misrule, continued for ages more; and again, in the immortality of the race, men toiled and struggled, and died without the hope of better things. Then there was prosperity for that one. All but a very few, who prophesied evil of our lawless freedom, were aa in a delirium of hope.

A Traveler from Altruria

When it turned to wrest the suffrage from the proletariate, at the first election where it attempted to make head against them, it was simply snowed under, as your picturesque phrase is. Whereas in Altruria there is no such thing as workers’ exploitationthe American banker explains to Homos how business is done in the United States:. Opportunity usually comes from associations and people that are involved with money. Feb 07, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: Since that time the whole region of our southeastern coast has enjoyed the climate of your Mediterranean countries.

Generally, Homos is surprised to find that neither Mr Twelvemough, the novelist, nor any of his acquaintances—a professor, a businessman, a manufacturer, a banker, and a clergyman —has any social relations whatsoever to people from the working classes or to any of the country people who permanently live in the area where they themselves just spend a few weeks each summer.


A Traveler from Altruria, by William Dean Howells : XI

Howells accepted after successfully negotiating for a higher salary, but was frustrated by Fields’s close supervision. Lance Terro rated it liked it Nov 13, Then followed, with a blind and mad succession, a time of famine, when money could not buy the super-abundance that vanished, none knew how or why.

In his “Editor’s Study” column at the Atlantic Monthly and, later, at Harper’s, he formulated and disseminated his theories of “realism” in literature. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. We did not see that the machines for saving labor were monsters that devoured women and children, and wasted men at the bidding of the power which no man must touch. While we have made strides in all of those areas, there is still a large portion of the population that believes that “human nature” prevents us all from being equal.

It had always bought the law it needed for its own use, first through the voter at the polls in the more primitive days, and then, as civilization advanced, in the legislatures and the courts. The voice came from an old farmer, holding himself stiffly up, with his hands in his pockets and his lean frame bent toward the speaker.

No trivia or quizzes yet. I fancy that there would be very little rising if men were expected to rise for the sake of others, in America. It may be impossible to read, but should be an essential read for American culture. Here I lost some words, for the professor leaned over and whispered to me: I confess that my heart misgave me; but I signalled the professor to be silent, and again gave the Altrurian — if he was an Altrurian — my whole attention.

Martin’s first published Nov 02, Theo! About William Dean Howells. He was buried in Cambridge Cemetery in Massachusetts.