I n t e rn a l Us e SAP Pa rt n e r O n l y I n t er n al U s e S A P P ar t n er O nl y SAP AG AC Cost Management and Controlling. The reason for combining CO and FI basic training is that both SAP (Cost Object Controlling for Products); AC (Cost Object Controlling for Sales Orders ). AC (Cost Object Controlling for Sales Orders) covers Cost Object Controlling in SAP R/3 in make-to-order environments with and without a valuated sales.

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Results analysis controls the transfer of costs and revenues to Profitability Analysis and the transfer of work in process and reserves for unrealized costs to Financial Accounting and Profit Center Accounting. Your material includes ac551 for noting this additional information. Is this sales order performing well from costing point of view?

The item category Y customer exit can be acitivated as enhancement KKEK, if customers require their own calculation logic. You will create a sales order for material T-F1 and execute material requirements planning for your sales order. Assignment to the DIP profile is performed in acc515 service order header or in the sales order item.

If the delivery to stock is made at a price that is not the standard price such as the planned pricethe difference is reported as an output price variance. A product cost collector may exist per production version of a product and collects sp costs, which are posted to the logistic object of the according production version. In the third period, the last goods receipt is entered for the order.

Multi-level settlement functions are available in Release 4. Aggregation depends on the settings in the dynamic item af515 profile.

Cost compoment split Transfer cost compoment split sp cont. As part of Sales Order Processing, you create a sales document. Purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and funds in the sales order stock will result in a commitment value recorded to the sales order item. Although no revenues have been received, profit has already been capitalized. Sets of Sales Orders are supported in the report.


AC Cost Object Controlling for Sales Orders (Col32) – Instruction manuals

Inventory, both stock counts and valuation, goes down; cost-of-goods sold goes up. The sales order contains all pertinent information to process the customer’s request throughout the Customer Order Management cycle. What are the manufacturing costs of a product? This variance category can only occur for materials that have moving av515 price control.

Sales Distribution represents each of these processes with electronic documents, each linked both to preceding and subsequent electronic documents. This enables the use of various repetitive manufacturing functions for example, using various backflushing transactions.

Process costs can be allocated via the process template. The transfer order is based on a simple principle: Also, semi-finished products are frequently placed in interim storage prior to further processing.

Unit Objectives At the conclusion of this unit, you will wap able to: The following values are allowed for this indicator: The work center defines the available capacity standard or shift sequence. These assignments are indicated by the value fields entered in the columns Field name 1 through Field name 6.

Solution Consultant

Now enter the following data: Cost Object Controlling for Products. No stock valuation – M: For internal activities you can define an assignment for each cost ac51 and activity type.

The costs and revenues of such products must be planned and monitored in detail. The reference level provides a method to specify a different basis for the condition type calculation and for grouping conditions for subtotals. Do I have enough reporting flexibility to meet all my specific requirements? The aim of Profitability Analysis is to support sales and distribution, marketing, product management, and enterprise sp by providing them with the information needed for controlling and decision-making.


Instead, a total quantity is produced over a certain period at a certain rate. Collecting costs and revenues on the sales order item is allowed when the entry in the Consumption posting field is “E” settlement through sales order.

In the Product Cost by Period component, variances are calculated by period.

For dependent requirements acc515 are controlled by individual requirements, the valuation approach is taken from the SD document item assigned to the component. The PA settlement structure must contain all results analysis cost elements under which data used in Profitability Analysis is updated.

SAP Message AC – There are no company codes defined yet in Asset Accounting

Ac5155 data forms the quantity structure. JavaScript is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. Calculated revenue 2, Cost of sales actual costs 1, Profit The settlement generates in FI the following posting: Sales queries help you enter and store important, sales-related information you can use later during order processing. Make a note of the serial number: Discussions with external consultancies have made it clear to SAP that financial consultants need basic knowledge in both FI and CO, but then have to acquire a deeper knowledge of one of these two areas.

SAP Message AC515 – There are no company codes defined yet in Asset Accounting

This division into three different courses serves to provide greater flexibility for course particpants to attend the courses. Process costs Saap can use Activity-Based Costing to calculate process costs.

The material for the Solution Academy courses comes mostly from customer courses, but also includes topics of interest to SAP consultants. You have the following customer exits at your disposal: