His short story “Aghwee the Sky Monster” (“Sora no kaibutsu Aguii”) combines both the central autobiographical motif of A Personal Matter with the surreal play . A college student takes a job as companion to a young composer who is considered crazy. The composer believes the ghost (Aghwee the Sky Monster) of his. Aghwee the Sky Monster is a ghost story that almost serves as a coda to William Blake’s more ethereal engravings. The narrator of the story.

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In fact, he performs a trickster function, “haunting” his guilt-obsessed father and thereby shocking his straitlaced grandfather. Big as a kangaroo From now on I will look for them. Aghwee the Sky Monster is a ghost story that almost serves as a coda to William Blake’s hte ethereal engravings. Aghwee himself is another “marginal” character in his status of both victim and phantom.

A vague and shadowy world on top of one that is bright and vivid. By using aghhwee site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It looks at the might-have-beens and not real life events which inspired him to dedicate years in writing about. The dead baby, Aghwee, is a key character in the story.

At this point I have a choice to make. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Of course everyone comes to think of the composer as suffering from several delusions, including the composer himself.

The Reading Life: “Aghwee The Sky Monster” by Kenzaburo Oe

Although Japanese critics tend to see “Aghwee” as a form of alternative autobiography, the story can actually be interpreted on many levels. JapanKenzaburo Oe. The son has a serious problem. While waiting to cross a road, “D cried out and thrust both arms in front of him as if he were trying to rescue something”.


He sensed “a being I knew and missed” — Aghwee — leaving him and returning to the sky. He confronts the dying man, shouting, “I was about to believe in Aghwee!

Views Read Edit View history. This story has been lauded by comparative literary critics, being compared even to famous Japanese short story author Akutagawa Ryunosuke.

Many may be intrigued by other things in the work. Don’t forget you are dealing with a looney. It was first published in Place Published New York. Ultimately, however, the narrative goes beyond the formal pleasures of the fantastic to suggest a moral dimension as well.

Aghwee the Sky Monster – Wikipedia

I can be walking down a paved street when a sense of peril and unbalance will stop me like a rat just scurried out of a sewer. Oe uses his characters not only to represent other family members, but also himself.

This is a collection of four short novels translated from the Japanese by John Nathan. From this he learns to understand the sky monster. Notify me of new comments via email.

Aghwee the Sky Monster – Kenzaburo Oe

Aghwee opens with the anonymous narrator, a year-old man, talking about the near-blindness in one of his eyes, the result of an attack by a group of children that year. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This is shown in the coda to “Aghwee,” when the narrator loses his eye in an accident.


More importantly, I hope you and your family are all right, and that the waters are receding This site uses cookies. Michiko Wilson points out that Aghwee is not content to remain a passive victim. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. If you happen to be around when the spook gets hold of him, you’d better just play dumb, you can’t afford to get involved.

As the narrator’s last accusation suggests, “Aghwee” is a story revolving around problems of perception, belief, and guilt. Those who do not “see” are usually characterized as members of the establishment such as D’s businessman father, who only worries about guarding his family from any scandal caused by his “lunatic” son, or Monstr former wife, O a “tomato faced” newspaper magnate’s daughter who sees her exhusband’s actions as simply “escapist.

It is supposed to be afraid of dogs and policemen and it comes down out of the sky and its name is Aghwee.

It helped me understand why I sometimes see cats in the sky. Modern Language Association http: Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.

The son is a fairly well known composer and is considered a rising star in the Japanese musical world.