The PHP Framework “Akelos” is a web application development platform based on the MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern. Akelos based applications can run on most shared hosting service providers since Akelos PHP Tutorials. I already covered the Akelos PHP framework in the past, but for those site which includes forums, a wiki, a new tutorial and a screen-cast. InfoIcon Technologies provides akelos development. Akelos PHP Framework is a web application development platform. Our developers provide cost-effective.

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After reading Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture it was clear to me the kind of framework I wanted Akelos to become, so I started to implement some of the design patterns from the book into Akelos.

Akelos PHP Framework – PHP Developers

Web service is an application that can be accessed via the URL or Restful. That is no longer the case, and those who excel at PHP can start being productive from day one by using Akelos. Akelos has ported many Ruby on Rails components keeping their interfaces and functionality whenever it was feasible to port the Ruby code to PHP.

Now we have a fully featured phonebook at http: Hidden Brains provide FuelPHP Framework web development services to develop lightweight and load free web applications for secured websites. Now time to try writing my own application CodeIgniter is an open source rapid development web application framework, for use in building dynamic web sites with PHP.

These frameworks were not my ideal of an Agile development environment, so I decided to brew my own solution. The php rest api framework slim is very easy to use and learn. A descriptive tutorial with demo example about how we can easily use codeigniter forms with its integrated support to validate data and render html inputs.

Akelos PHP Framework Forum

After that point, whenever I had a problem to solve while coding my customers applications I turned to Rails and they usually had the most elegant solution available. Can you help with that? Then I used Rails for one small personal project and immediately tuyorial that Akelos interfaces, conventions and philosophy were close to the Rails approach. Eric, Welcome and thanks for the tip. The path to my uncompressed Akelos folder is C: Akelos and Rails do not implement ACL like Cake does, as that is a business logic component that varies too much from one case tuyorial other, it has no place inside the framework.


It aims at helping programmers build multilingual database-backed web applications and write less code, which allows for the creation of uniform, simple to understand scripts.

Now this has changed.

php restful api framework Slim Tutorial | Ampower

It’s because the tutorial isn’t updated or is there a bug? Akelos can be used for accessing a MySQL or PgSQL database through the modelprocessing the data by the controllerand presenting it to the user through the view.

Until now we have not dedicated time to promote Akelos, we just used it for our internal projects and we have been adding features as needed without a fixed roadmap or advocacy. On the other hand, many PHP developers have moved to Ruby because PHP lacked a hyper-productive and fun-to-use framework like Rails for building complex applications.

By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies. I’m non English speaker as well, but we need to move forward doing our best and accepting corrections contributed by native speakers. Now you can follow two paths Ask a Question Publish an Article. Now that I am trying to continue to set up the config file via web interface, I noticed that there isn’t an index.

Thanks for making the config. If you are using Tortoise svn, here are the details on how to create a patch. I can’t get the dates to save either, trying to complete the tutorial. Back By clicking register you agree to our Terms and Privacy Policy. And one of the main reasons for choosing Akelos is that it makes coding fun and lets you focus on solving user problems rather than wasting your time in repetitive technical annoyances.


The code itself goes into specific directories making it easier for programmers to debug. Tuforial easy to understand database tutorial on basic crud in codeigniter and bootstrap css which discusses the four processes create, read, update and delete performed on database using codeigniter and mysql. Your database details have to be filled in the framework’s wizard which starts once it is installed. Codeigniter Tutorial Web Design.

I do however have everything else. As an example we will create a simple phonebook that submits data to a MySQL database. If you want to start contributing by making the “bookling” less scary, I’ll be happy to update current versions.

If the tutorial has the URLs in the form of: I’ve actually already tutoeial to get that far as indicated in the post just above yours. Explore php, restful, api, framework, slim, tutorial and more!

I have a problem here That’s the data model. Coding multilingual applications, building complex relationships within models, distributing databases changes within your development team, building Ajax interfaces, unit testing your code and many other common tasks for PHP developers are really simple to accomplish when using Akelos.

Explore codeigniter, tutorial and more!

Anything new on the way? Explore codeigniter, form, tutorial, php, code, example and more! Go from concept to implementation in days, not months, with this efficient PHP micro framework. Akelos MVC implementation and workflow are really easy to understand.