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We present a model predictive profile controller that controls the q -profile and plasma beta using power requests to two clusters of gyrotrons and the plasma current request. To this end, we invoke the hybrid kinetic-magnetohydrodynamic MHD model, extended to include self-consistent rotation effects.

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For the modes considered here, optimized TJ-II operations require a profile in the range of to stabilize AEs in the inner and middle plasma.

The shearing rate is shown to strictly correlate with the power in the near SOLconsistently with a recent theoretical model. The aim of this paper is to study the effects of the plasma aspect ratio, reveill elongation and plasma-wall distance revsille passive stabilization; this will be quantified by the plasma stability margin and instability growth time.

Using a perturbative methodand ignoring the high order terms, this model is then formulated in a magnetic flux coordinate system with equilibrium Maxwellian distribution of particles.

Abstract Research towards a plasma exhaust solution for a fusion power plant aims at validating edge physics models, strengthening predictive capabilities and improving the divertor configuration. Characteristics of the MHD instabilities for high beta LHD large helical device plasmas in the inward shifted configurations have been investigated by numerical simulations.

The main focus is on the numerical reconstruction of the total radiated power which mostly depends on the W concentration and its distribution between core and divertor and of Z eff which mostly depends on the Ne concentration. Automatically share your activity on Facebook.

Numerical studies are performed with field line tracing. To date, optimizations have focused primarily on optimization of neoclassical confinement and ideal MHD stability, although ttoi optimization of other parameters has also been performed. Using the database of experiments performed with the two ion sources, an empirical scaling was derived describing the neutron rate dependence on the target plasma and heating beam parameters. Using high speed imaging of the divertor volume, the region close to the X-point in MAST is shown to be quiescent.


Here we adapt the more general definition of rotation reversal, a large change of the intrinsic toroidal rotation gradient produced by minor changes in the control parameters Camenen et al Plasma Phys.

The final goal being the study of the interplay among plasma elongation and the parameters described above to achieve robust passive and active stabilization. Click this button to skip to the next video. Experimental result of the counter current rotation of rfveille points splitting is consistent with the counter-current EHO.

Due to the determinant role of H and He played in the material behaviour any irradiation experiment must take into account the amount of these gases produced during the irradiation in Fusion reactors with high-energy neutrons. Approaching to the last closed flux tli for the magnetic islands, the radially elongated flow structure forms.

An integrated design of the water-cooling heat sink for the long leg divertor was proposed. Extrinsic impurity seeding to control divertor heat load will need to be optimized around this roi for aalam fusion performance. The phonon vibration contribution plays revielle decisive role in the H Gibbs energy of formation with the increasing temperature.

In this paper, a new technique, called symbolic regression, is reviewed, refined, and applied to the ITPA database for extracting scaling laws of the energy-confinement time at different radiated fraction levels. The effect of helium He plasma exposure, and associated surface modifications, on the thermal shock resistance of tungsten W under ITER relevant steady state and transient heat and particle loads was studied. Meanwhile, the energy gain factor is adopted to estimate neutron heat deposition, which is a key parameter relating to the blanket TBR calculations, considering the structural factors.

Understanding and accurately predicting the L-H power threshold is critical to accessing to H-mode, and operating and achieving high confinement in burning plasmas such as ITER. Experiments using neon impurity seeding show a promising capability in 3D particle and heat flux control on EAST. Beyond that transition, this control method is no longer effective.


Their poloidal standing-wave structure was confirmed and described for the first time in diverted plasmas. Abstract A new methodology to analyze non-linear components in perturbative transport experiments is introduced.

Reveille toi, a song by Alam on Spotify

Several consequences and new developments are derived from the general result that the global disruption force acting on the perfectly conducting wall must be exactly opposite to the similar force acting on the plasma, which is inherently small in tokamaks.

The achievable plasma current was limited by the maximum operational toroidal field of TST In particular, the effects of high temperature helium from D—T reaction on ZF depend on the temperature ratio between electrons and high temperature helium. By fixing the maximum control voltage, the optimal position of the active coils is derived by estimating the maximum stabilizable vertical displacement and the envelope of current-power requirements for the active control system.

Stability to the type-I edge localized mode ELM in JET plasmas was investigated numerically by analyzing the stability to a peeling-ballooning mode with the effects of plasma rotation and ion diamagnetic drift. A new methodology to analyze non-linear components in perturbative transport experiments is introduced. A fuel particle balance equation based on the presence of a hydrogen transport barrier between the deposited layer and the substrate was applied to the long-duration discharges.

The charged particles are accelerated in the parallel direction with respect to the magnetic field B T by two electric fields: Results of this exercise will be presented.

Log in to watch more. Some of the main difficulties of these experiments are the assessment of the synchronization efficiency and the understanding of the main physical mechanisms at play. To live, to listen, to learn. The controller has been applied successfully to a variety of TCV plasma discharges. Transient loading experiments were also performed using a high power pulsed laser during He plasma exposure, showing a significant modification of the target thermal response caused by the surface damage.