Alcmaeon of Croton was an early Greek medical writer and . Later authors such as Iamblichus (VP , ), Philoponus (De An. p. 88), and. Philosopher and naturalist Greek, who lived in the 5th century BC Some authors consider it a disciple of Pythagoras, given that continues th. View the profiles of people named Alcmeon de Crotona. Join Facebook to connect with Alcmeon de Crotona and others you may know. Facebook gives people.

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Thus, the pubic hair that develops when human males are about to produce seed for the first time at age fourteen is analogous to the flowering of plants before they produce seed DK, A15 ; milk in mammals is analogous to egg white in birds DK, A Alcmaeon addressed his book to three men who may have been Pythagoreans:. If this is the correct context in which to read the fragment, it is not so much about the limits of understanding as the success of medical teaching in overcoming apparent limits.

Alcmaeon (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

He regarded the eye as composed of water and fire and vision as taking place when what is seen is reflected in the gleaming and translucent part of the eye. Aristotle says that “Alcmaeon of Croton lived when Pythagoras was old,” [ Metaphysics1, v, 30, a] but it would appear that the passage is interpolated.

He has also been hailed as the first to use dissection, but this is based on a hasty reading of the evidence. Enhanced bibliography for this entry at PhilPaperswith links to its database.


Alcmeón de Crotona

Alcmaeon thought that the soul moved itself in continual motion and was therefore immortal and like to the divine. Plato describes the soul as composed of two circles with contrary motions, which imitate the contrary motions of the fixed stars and the planets, so that the soul becomes a sort of orrery in the head Timaeus 44d. He has been referred to as “a thinker of considerable originality and one of the greatest philosophers, naturalists, and neuroscientists of all time.

This page was last edited on 5 Decemberat Edelstein says that he may have lived in the late fifth century, while Lebedev makes him active in the late 6 th Taste occurs through the tongue, which being warm and soft dissolves things with its heat and, because of its loose texture, receives and transmits the sensation.

So A5 is the fifth testimonia about Alcmaeon listed in DK. Philosophy and Medicine from Alcmaeon to the AlexandriansLondon: Alcmaeon explained each of the individual senses with the exception of touch, but these accounts are fairly rudimentary.

Studies in Greek Philosophy and its continuation offered to Professor C. These reports are not inconsistent and conform to the epistemology with which Alcmaeon began his book.

The ancient tradition assigns one book to Alcmaeon, which came to bear the traditional title of Presocratic treatises, On Nature DK, A2although this title probably does not go back to Alcmaeon himself. Aristotle and Theophrastus refer to him a number of times but never identify him as a Pythagorean, and this is the practice of the doxographical tradition see A4, 6, 8—10, 13—14, 17—18, in DK This suggests that Brotinus could have been the addressee of the book any time between and BCE.

Little, Brown and Company. Presocratic cosmologies of this period devoted some attention to questions of human physiology and medicine, and conversely the early treatises in the Hippocratic corpus often paid some attention to cosmology see Aristotle, Resp.


Bibliography Texts and Commentaries Diels, H. Recently Gemelli Marciano18—22 has suggested that the material in brackets above should be kept but made dependent on the immediately preceding phrase rather than coordinated with it, so that the fragment would read:.

He gave an explanation of the sterility of mules DK, B3 and, if we can believe Aristotle, thought that goats breathed through their ears DK, A7. No issue concerning Alcmaeon has been more controversial than his date. As indicated in section 1 above, there is considerable controversy as to whether and to what extent Alcmaeon was a typical Presocratic cosmologist.

Alcmaeon of Croton

Life and Works 1. Alcmaeon is also the first to argue that the brain is the central organ of sensation and thought DK, A5, A8, Xrotona Bronze medal devoted to Alcmaeon of Croton. Does it mean that Alcmaeon was born in the old age of Pythagoras, or that he lived flourished?

The earliest Presocratic cosmologies in Ionia e. As a result, they are incapacitated when it is disturbed or changes its place, for it then stops the channels, through which the senses operate.

From the Beginning to PlatoLondon: The only conclusions we can reasonably draw about Alcmaeon from the passage are that he excised the eyeball of an animal and observed poroi channels, i.

Protagoras Gorgias Prodicus Hippias.