Sebold’s disappointing second novel (after much-lauded The Lovely Bones) opens with the narrator’s statement that she has killed her mother. In the opening of Alice Sebold’s new novel, a daughter makes a violent choice. This is the problem with Alice Sebold’s new novel, “The Almost Moon.” The book starts with the narrator, Helen, killing her elderly mother, Mrs.

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Open Preview See a Problem? She fears her father will never come home. We plan our lives based on its rhythms and tides.

Madhura This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ No she did not kill herself. But when I spent 4 hours on a plane learning how to do Sodoku just almots I wouldn’t have to read one more heinous word of this novel, I knew that I was going to have to I wanted to believe that the backlash seebold this book could be explained by general disappointment about Sebold’s second novel not living up to The Lovely Bones.

I have no clue why anyone would want to tell this story. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Should we feel murder is justified because her mother was not nurturing? Oh yeah, that Alice Sebold! But this is just dismal.

The Almost Moon – Wikipedia

They have a love hate relationship with the whole existence of their family unit. I just don’t like those kinds aluce books, I guess. The subject of this book is Helen, who quickly suffocates her mother in the first chapter, mon takes the rest of the book to explain her actions, never becomes sympathetic. Let me start off by saying that I love Alice Sebold. Helen, the narrator, opens the book by describing how she’s killed her aging, mentally ill mother.

Elena Ferrante on Alice Sebold’s new novel, The Almost Moon

Given my work recently, this is an area I am very interested in moln how genetics affects behavior and how families attempt to normalize “crazy” behavior. Goodreads Submission 1 1 3 Mar 31, Pages to import images to Wikidata. Then her having sex with her best friend’s son was even more hard to stomach than her killing her mother. If so, there isn’t enough evidence to convince me that she’s insane. Sep 30, J.


Even just little ones like Dead Poets Society, where the big prize is having the courage to ask out a girl, or tell your parents you don’t want to be a lawyer. We know whodunit from the first, but that leaves two mysteries: When she finally crosses a terrible boundary, her life comes rushing in at her in a A woman steps over the line into the unthinkable in this brilliant, powerful, and unforgettable new novel by the author of The Lovely Bones and Lucky.

It contains only the ugly and devastating. It really and truly is that bad. It was just confusing.

On the other hand a chain reaction was caused by the negligence of all and all guilty parties should be punished. The writing itself drove me a mad, as well. I also could have gotten past how horrible a person Helen was I always felt weird about The Lovely Bones as well, which is by the same author.

So the apt question to ask is whether this second novel by the author of The Lovely Bones is, as touted in its extravagant publicity, literary fiction, or closer to a detective novel? This took a person, put her in a bad situation yes, her childhood was bad, but it wasn’t the worst I’ve seen by any measure and then held her head under its water until she drowned in it.

Helen kills her 86 year old mother and the book follows Helen through the events that occur after the crime, as well as, Helen’s thoughts of her past.

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Helen feels the weight of the corpse of the woman who gave her life almosh thinks of the weight of the body of a lover who abandons himself exhausted after coitus. My mother’s core was rotten like the brackish water at the bottom of a weeks-old vase of flowers. What kind of person does that? Quotes from The Almost Moon: I likes the way the author presented this and kept my attention through most of the book I would say, up to about close to the end when I just wanted the boys in blue to show up NBC TV style and just put an end seboold this nonsense.

Not all there …

But when Sevold spent 4 hours on a plane learning how to do Sodoku just so I wouldn’t have to read one more heinous word of this novel, I knew that I was going to have to throw in the towel and say some terrible things about Sebold’s latest effort. So I read this book in entirety with an ill feeling in sebood stomach. Bad for the people they both affected? View all 6 comments. This is that story. All it does is confirm mental illness and a horrible childhood, all of which is pretty obvious from the first chapter, and that’s it.

I thd not sure what Sebold intends with Helen and her plot. Sep 10, Laila Blake rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is about and told through the voice of Helen. All in all, the book left me disgusted.