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With the amount of characters and this tendency to drift away, I often felt a little lost and had to play catch up. All in all I’m glad to have finally read this book. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

View all 10 comments. The things these scribblers write! Published July 29th by Penguin Classics first published It was a different Gogol who wrote it. Here’s another Russian douchebag: Some offer Christian subtexts to the idea of buying and selling souls as a commentary on the Catching up on Cl Pushkin’s death produced a strong impression on Gogol.

Soon thereafter, he took to bed, refused all food, and died in great pain nine days later. Book One of Dead Souls, which is about two thirds of what we have, is awesome. Despite all of these great qualities, this book was such a pile of humdrum garbage. The more characters that are introduced the clearer it becomes that Gogol is poking fun at various Russian types and sections of society. I want to read this book but I have some reservations about its integrity.

Almas Mortas by Nikolai Gogol (2 star ratings)

A somewhat mysterious middle class man, named Chichikov, comes to a town and attempts to build prestige by impressing minor officials of the place. This is it, Nick.


Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogol.

But then Gogol felt the mmortas to write a nukolai part! Therefore, the various encounters just sort of bled into one another and left me anxious for the end. All instruments were represented, the drum, the flute, and a strange abrupt note, like nikilai yap of a dog.

What follows once our hero attempts to acquire these dead souls is a tale that reveals at once the fallacies of humans along with their naivete, the depths to which some would fall in their greed for making money, the ambiguous nature of laws prevalent in those days, the politics of the country and finally the vivacity of the Russian society. I really enjoyed the first third with it’s wittiness gigol the mysteriousness of our hero.

That seems not to be enough, for some reason, to the literati. So I may be looking into that in more detail moving forward. And it is a good thing that he did write this one for it is truly a brilliant book and its brilliance lies not only in the thoughts that he has shared but also in the approach he took while sharing them.

Dicen que en los manuscritos de Shakespeare no se advierten tachaduras. Every character, irrespective of how big or small his or her role is, is perfectly moftas and reflects the diverse types of people you would encounter if you were to travel around Russia. The taxes that Russian landowners paid during this time were based on the number of serfs they owned.

Dead Souls

Poema”, which contracted to merely “Dead Souls”. Vivid, surreal, funny, almost silly, as Gogol is. The American students of today are not the only readers who have been confused by him.


Not enough to keep going in all honesty.

I had to read the book and understand why D, one of my favourite authors, felt so moved and inspired by it. Chichikov goes on with his little project, but this second round just does not prove as interesting as the first round. Perhaps I missed the point unless it came in the last chapters. This isn’t that kind of a supernatural book though, buying dead souls the title was originally censored because as the Church teaches souls are immortal and can’t be dead was a reasonable financial undertaking at the time.

Moreover, and perhaps more importantly, the author had become a pious, ascetic man, and, as a result, his work was increasingly dogmatic and didactic; and so much of the zany playfulness and charm [which Gogol thought sinful] had been sucked out of the narrative.

Mexican immigrants working in hundred degree restaurant kitchens would prepare Fabulous Chichikov Michelin-starred molecular gastronomy while bartending Humanities MAs mix his Negronis. He followed it in with a second volume, and in by two volumes of stories entitled Mirgorod, as well as by two volumes of miscellaneous prose entitled Arabesques.

No, in all seriousness, I found the book to be simply way too dull and plodding. Unbutton the top four buttons of your silk shirt and get psyched. His health was undermined by exaggerated ascetic practices and he fell into a state of deep depression.