Ammalaganna Amma MP3 Song by Anil Kumar from the Telugu movie Sri Vijaya Durga Mahimalu. Download Ammalaganna Amma song on and. hi i want the meaning of Pothana’s poem “AMMALAGANNA AMMA . translation of a Sanskrit hymn Om Aim Hrim Klim mantra into Telugu.

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I also borrowed freely from the translation of Professor Velceru Narayana Rao for the second poem. Meaning of Pothana’s poem Feb 10 As he sat in meditation, he saw in front of him Goddess Sarasvati, shedding copious tears – she is sad that this epic poetry may be sold to the highest bidder.

Meaning of Pothana’s poem – Potana Bhagavatamu

The time of daevee navaraatri the nine nights of the goddessdasaraaammalaganan drawing to a close. On this Vijayadasami day, marking the victory of the Goddess over evil, we pay tribute to the three forms of the goddess, Sarasvati, Lakshmi and Durga, through the pen of Bammera Potana. However, in contrast to the first poem, this is almost entirely in pure Telugu, with some wonderful Telugu usages.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! This meter is called mattaebhamua bull elephant. Please enter some text at least 3 characters.

Ammala Ganna Amma

I feel as if Potana wrote this poem especially for the goddess of Vijayawada – she is powerful – she’s wielding the trident, riding the lion and trampling over the demon – yet the smile lighting up her face is most benevolent and reassuring to the devotees seeking her blessings! Report thread Watch thread Share this. Matha, here he mentioned as amma that she is the mother for all the living things in universe.


The poems I post today are from the introductory invocation naamdi – stuti part of the epic. The expressions ” ammala ganna yamma ” and ” maa yamma ” bring a ring of “familiarity” while referring to this powerful Goddess, as if the Goddess is very close to the poet.

It is the praisy worship of Durga matha. Will be posting the entire meaning of the poem soon.

I shall not, out of hunger, sell you, neither in thought, word nor action, to these meager kings of Karnataka, vulgar and bullying they are, trust me, O Bharati! One or more of your tags have exceeded the 30 character limit. By ur tepugu ness please allow me to write bhagavatham with Knowledge, poetry,strength and wealth.

Vankarodu – Ammala Ganna Amma – Devotional Song Promo

Meaning of Pothana’s poem Feb 12 Feb 12 So that tears from collyrium kohl -darkened eyes fall to your breasts, why do you weep, Oh beloved daughter-in-law of Vishnu, Oh my mother, Oh wife of Brahma? This version of Internet Explorer is no longer supported. This technique is called anupraasa and Potana is well known for its dexterous use.


Meaning of Pothana’s poem Nov 135: While living in the times of heavy royal patronage of all arts, Potana shunned such honors and dedicated his aandhra bhaagavatam to Sri Rama, his favorite deity.

He is best remembered by Telugu people for the translation of bhaagavata puraaNa of Vedavyaasa from samskRtam into Telugu. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Vankarodu – Ammala Ganna Amma – Devotional Song Promo – video dailymotion

Feb 10 If just the invocatory poems are so beautiful, one can imagine how wonderful the actual epic may be. Home Potana Padyalu rendered in English by Dr.

Even today, Telugu people derive great pleasure from Potana’s aandhra bhaagavatam. Oh Goddess Sarasvati bhaaratee! This also is an utpala maala. However, the kings brought a lot of pressure on Potana, trying to tempt him with great wealth teluhu other perks. The word spread about the beauty of this work and many local kings aspired to be “recipients” of this great epic, which is sure to render them immortal in history. Each line has the rhythm laalala laalalaa lalala laalala laalala laalalaa lalaa .