Results 1 – 16 of OLD NCERT BOOKS – 1) Ancient India- R.S. SHARMA India’s Ancient Past Edition . by Prof. R. S. Sharma and Vasanti Fadake. Ancient India R S Sharma Pdf Download Old NCERT NCERT, Book, History,. WhatsApp. Print Friendly Version of this page Print Get a PDF. The NCERT had entrusted the lesponsibility of preparing courses and . CHAPTER 1 The Importance of Ancient Indian History The study of ancient Indian .

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The NCERT would be grateful for any comments, suggestions and criticisms on any aspect of the present volume. Most of their wars were fought for the sake of cows.

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The most important functionary seems to have’ been the pwohita The’ two priests who played ‘ a major part in the time of Rig Veda are Vasishtha and Visvamitra, They inspired the tribal chiefs to action and lauded their exploits in return for handsome rewards in cows and women slaves. This seems to be the case with Ahar and Gilund, which lay mode or less in the dry zones of the Banas river valley in Rajasthan.

In the later phases of the Harappan culture, some exotic tools and pottery indicate the slow percolation of new peoples m the Indus idia. A piece of woven cotton has been recovered from Mohenjo-daro, and textile im- pressions found on several objects. They set up their capital at Hastinapur situated in the district of Meerut.

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A struggle for Independence – Bipin Chandra There art some indications of the practice of fire cult nfert Lothal m Gujarat in the later phase, but m temples were used for the purpose. Inhe was the President of Indian History Congress. In one house in Kayatha were found 29 copper bangles and two unique axes. Ancient Indian history is interesting because India proved to be a crucible of numerous races.


We have also a large body of secular literatme. For construction and tool- making all kinds of stones including sandstone aio available in the country.

In south-eastern Rajas- than two sites, one at Ahar and the other at Gilund, have been excavated.

indis The Harappan villages, mostly situated near the flood plains, produced sufficient foodgrains not only to feed themselves but also the town people. Narayanan, Shu S H. Our country shows a deep u unity m spite of great diversity.

Cattle bones- have been found in good quantity in all these sites. They represent birds, dogs, sheep, cattle and monkeys. Prakrit served as the lingua franca of the country. You can find all these topics here in this book neolithic,chalcolithic and vedic periods as well as harappan civilization. How were the Harappan cities planned?

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Significance of the Maurya Rule. They did not worship gods for then- spiritual uplift or foi ending the miseries of existence, They asked mainly for praja child- renpasu cattlefood, wealth, health, etc. The Rig Veda has a large’ number of hymns, which explain the prepara- tion of this drink from plants that have not been, satisfactorily identified so far. We do not come across any massive work of art in stone as we find in the case of sculptures of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.


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The two- why UalTic i untamed constant and helped the development ol a composite culliiic Allhough most legions hud well-delined natural IVonticis, not every legion possessed the lesomccs necessary to keep life going, Theiefoic liom piclnstoiie times the common need foi metals and othci resouices had produced a netwoik of in lei connections between the dilf- eient legions of the counliy.

The oldest ins- criptions deciphered so far were issued by Asoka in the third century B.

The people of the stone-copper phase used different types of pottery, one of which is called black-and-red and seems to have been widely prevalent. All these are indispensable to historical reconstruction, but they are not found in any systematic form in the Puranas Indians display considerable lustoucal sense in biographical writings which started with the composition of the Harshacharita by Bunabhatta in the seventh century.

The contrast between the two sets indicates the gap between the classes which used them. This can be said on the analogy of Mesopotamian cities where wages were paid in barley.

Apart from the civilization activities that happened in the gangetic plains, the book has chapters that elucidate the south indian history too. Oiigmallv it consisted of verses and was called Jaya Samhita or the collection dealing with victory. The book is, without doubt, a classic material on the ancient history of India with easy-to-search contents. Safe and Secure Payments.