CHAPTER ONE. The Masterharper of Pern. By ANNE MCCAFFREY Del Rey. His parents were busy packing for their trip to Nerat, so Robinton had been told to. The mostly melancholy early life of Robinton anchors this quiet installment of Pernese history, set just before the opening of Dragonflight, the first novel in the. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “At last, Robinton has his own book McCaffrey adds another absorbing chapter to dragon lore Readers.

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Most women were wives and mothers; the mastegharper ones who were Searched were able to do more with their lives than be brood mares. However, none of the others are Mr. The latter half of the book has Robinton’s first serious romance, with Kasia, and his dealings as a journeyman harper. Robinton’s mother is a MasterSinger, and there are multiple women acting as harpers.

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In fact, the tension and conflict stretch out with very little relief until the very last scene, which will be familiar to anyone who had read Dragonflight. Fellis is a pain reliever made from a plant. My favorite example of this is the rapid progress of Piemur and Jancis’ relationship. Thella is Larad’s half-sister. Pern Stories in Pern history Characters Locations. I feel that most of the book was really masterhwrper McCaffrey wanting to go into detail about the fifty years before Lessa became Weyrwoman, and so she contrived ways to have Robinton appear at all the major turning points of history during those years.

Over the masterharpeg five turns, Robinton starts self-defense classes at the Harper Hall. But those are few you to read. Open Preview See a Problem? He also steals Menolly’s multiple pipes several years before she made them on the other side of the continent. Master Gorazde teaches drums.


The Masterharper of Pern by Anne McCaffrey | : Books

Some characters, like Tthe Fett and Darth Vader in Star Wars, lose some of their magic when we know too much about them, and I can’t help but feel, a little bit, that this holds true for Robinton, too. The harpers are entertainers, news broadcasters, silent diplomats, judges, and teachers. His name is Robinton, and he is destined to be one of the most famous and beloved leaders Pern has ever known. I liked this book, but I have to consider it mccfafrey fanfic of Pern rather than direct canon.

It definitely brought back all the love I had for these books. We learn a lot about the live of Robinton, but after reading it Masterhzrper can conclude that I had not missed out on any vital information all those years and all those mcccaffrey books. Maidir’s son Raid becomes Lord Holder of Benden Hold, and Robinton continues working as Harper there, until Raid dismisses him for smoothing over some of his less popular orders. Considering Harper Hall fights to save traditions, it doesn’t make sense.

The Masterharper of Pern (Pern, #15) by Anne McCaffrey

Robinton continues to work at Tillek, until Lord Melongel releases him from his service, noting that Robinton is pained to remain there, as it reminds him of Kasia. Lord Tarathel of Telgar Hold schedules a Gather where he invites every Lord Holder – including Fax, some of whose men were recently masterhharper within Telgar ‘s borders. Tear mcfaffrey the Gods.

In his final turn, Benden Weyr’s Weyrwoman Carola dies, and is replaced by Joraa weak-willed woman who is afraid of heights, something that may restrict her queen Nemorth. Going a-dragonback meant they wouldn’t have a long land journey to mwsterharper, so they wouldn’t be away long.

It is in the climate of unrest that Robinton will come into his own. Brom cover of all US editions [a].


Londik is senior boy soprano. We read about how Robinton learned the trade of Harper, who his masters were alot of names therein which Hold he played again alot of names and how he traveled there.

S’bran rides Kilmintha bronze. You mcxaffrey the following rating and review. Washell is the Master who teaches the youngest; Kubisa is another teacher. How are F’lar and Mnementh doing over in Benden as they chafe against R’gul and Jora’s mismanagement?

Why the 2 stars and not 3? Robinton returns to the Harper Hall and obtains his Mastery the following turn, and continues to be sent to various holds. Robinton mccaffreyy, of course, a beloved character by that time, so it was interesting to read of his early life, but if you’ve read the other books, you alread I’ve read all the Pern books and think they’re basically okay, though they do tend to have a YA feel about them.

I though this book was okay. Feb 26, Pages Buy. Those boys who are of the Blood have the chance to become pf Lord Holder when the current Lord dies because the Conclave votes in the heir they believe will be the best ruler.

This quote sums up the main story plot for me: It reads like mediocre Pern fanfic. Robinton is surprised about this. While on drum duty, Robinton receives a message about a clutch at Benden Weyr. This audiobook can be listened to on: We learn about his good relations with The only thing I didn’t like was secretly placing Robinton in Ruatha during the events. In this book we read about a well loved character Robinton, the Masterhaper of Pern.