In spite of the popularity of “Anuttarayoga” as a so-called ‘back translation’ from the Tibetan rnal ‘byor bla na med pa. With the practice of the highest class of tantra, anuttarayoga tantra, we work to access our subtlest clear light mind and its accompanying subtlest energy-wind. Anuttara-yoga tantra [RY]. highest yoga tantra [RY]. The highest division of tantra according to the New Translation (Tib. gsar ma) schools.

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At first, our love may only be directed toward our loved ones and be mixed with attachment. With anuttarayoga tantra practice, we are aiming to rid ourselves of experiencing death, bardo, and rebirth under the influence of karma and disturbing emotions and attitudes by acting like a secret agent in disguise.

The electricity for both elevators comes from the basement, but now it is anuttaar only to elevator one, the elevator to the prison cell. We are not meditating on something that is the exact opposite of death, bardo, and rebirth as the method to purify ourselves of them and bring them to an end.

Anuttara-yoga-tantra – Oxford Reference

For example, when we are experiencing difficulties, we look at our suffering as depleting our past negative karmic potentials, rather than becoming upset and angry about it.

With complete stage practice, we work with the subtlest energy-system so that we actually do dissolve the grosser levels of mind and energy-wind and actually do access the subtlest clear-light level. In the classification of the Dzogchen system, used by the Nyingmait is considered equivalent to the Mahayoga tantras. But there can be a true stopping of those sufferings, such that they never recur.

These are true pathway minds. When the disturbing mental activity and all conceptual thought naturally subsides, then like a bird released from a ship in mid-ocean, the mind automatically is in its primordial pure state of clarity and awareness, which it was in all along. In this sense, we are purifying our love so that it becomes better; it becomes purer. These four stages of existence encompass all three types of true suffering.


This is accomplished using the practices of the Illusory Body teachings. As we have seen, death, bardo, and rebirth are another way of presenting the Noble Truth of suffering — the all-encompassing affecting suffering of having tainted aggregates. We are also not opposing death, bardo, and rebirth directly.

The Glories of Vajrayoginī : Anuttarayoga Tantra

The mental states that bring about true stoppings are those with nonconceptual cognition of voidness. The basement is the subtlest level of our continuum — our clear light mind and subtlest energy-wind.

Both systems employ the two – Generation and Perfection Stage Yoga. Its Fundamentals and HistoryWisdom Publications, Schaeffer holds that the Profound Inner Meaning Tibetan: Ordination and transmission Pointing-out instruction Samaya Vajracharya.

The 12 Links of Dependent Arising ]. Part of a series on. An example is meditating on ugliness in order to overcome attachment, or meditating on love in order to overcome anger. Some people could conceive of tzntra an elixir as being the way to get rid of death, bardo, and rebirth. This pathway mind entails two levels of practice: Wearing the disguise and practicing the tatra in our imaginations is generation stage practice, during which we visualize ourselves in this Buddha-form.

The Encyclopedia of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs.

In our anuttaraa here, the three are all analogous to each other: This refers to our experience of the anuttarx aggregates of our bodies and minds, which came about through the force of karmic impulses and disturbing emotions and attitudes. With generation stage practice, we work on the conceptual level, namely with our imaginations.


If we accomplish our mission, the elevator to room one will go out of order; the elevator to room two will start working; and we can use it to enter and live in the palace chamber.

They focus on devotion as the foundation of tantric practice. For instance, we speak of developing love, which is anuttarz wish for all beings to have happiness and the causes for happiness. Being in the elevator going back up to the cell is bardo existence, and being back in the prison cell is rebirth.

By contrast, tatnra enlightening physical appearances of Sambhogakaya and Nirmanakaya anutgara still on the level of the subtlest mind and energy-wind, as is the case with Dharmakaya. Like a secret agent in disguise, we go down to the deepest level of our minds to investigate the natural tendency of the mind to give rise to what happens to us in life. An Overview ] True Origins of Suffering The true origins or causes of our all-pervasively affecting suffering, then, are our disturbing emotions and attitudes and our karma.

It is not that kind of purification either.

History Tantrism Mahasiddha Sahaja. These two aspects are two ways of describing the same activity and are not consecutive.

They comprise emanations of Sambhogakaya in grosser enlightening forms, such that ordinary anuttarra with the karma to meet them are able to receive teachings from them.

Purifying ourselves of something that anuuttara want to be rid of can be done in various ways. This text forms a textbook and ready reference to accompany the sadhana of those initiated into the Anuttarayogatantras.