Lucid key to Important Aphids. Preferred Scientific Name; Aulacorthum solani solani. Taxonomic Tree; Domain: Eukaryota; Kingdom: Metazoa; Phylum: Arthropoda. Light infestations of A. solani can severely injure potato foliage. Its feeding causes discoloured spots on tobacco, and heavily infested plants can show large .

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Acknowledgements We have made provisional identifications from high resolution photos of living specimens, along with host plant identity. The antennal tubercles are well developed with near parallel steep-sided inner face cf. Fenthion and etofenprox were used by Okubo b aulaacorthum early stages of soyabean growth. Seed production areas ideally should be completely separated from commercial potato production. Its importance is much greater in glasshouses.

We have made provisional identifications from high resolution photos of living specimens, along with host plant identity. Dried tobacco leaf smoke showed some effectiveness against aphid pests, including A. Vols 1 and 2. Rasocha describes carbamates and pyrethroids used for aphid control.

Infection sources Primary hosts of the virus should be eliminated.

The winged forms have darker antennae, legs and siphunculi and have a variably developed pattern of tranverse dark bars on the dorsal abdomen. The high toxicity of the saliva of the glasshouse – potato aphid may sloani deformation and discoloration of leaves being fed upon.

The alate Aulacorthum palustre is reddish or greenish with a brown or black abdominal dorsal pattern. Seed potatoes are very susceptible to infection at this stage, and so potato stores should be fumigated when migration has finished, ensuring even distribution of smoke.


Tuber storage Aphids readily colonize tuber sprouts and so potato tubers must be protected during storage by preventing access of aphids and by using aphicides.

Genus Aulacorthum Aulacorthum aphids On this page: Except where otherwise specified, all text and images on this page are copyright InfluentialPoints under a Creative Commons Attribution 3. Nice piccies – but I don’t think it’s Lipaphis. This results in direct feeding damage to potatoes and peppers. The cauda is rather short and tongue-shaped.

Aulacorthum solani solani

Indirect damage is caused by honeydew production and virus transmission. Don’t need the entire report? Their antennae have darkened joints and are slightly longer than the body. Generate a print friendly version containing only the sections you need. Moreover the cauda of Lipaphis erysimi is 0.

Aulacorthum solani Kaltenbach, Aphicides can greatly reduce Potato leafroll virus PLRV spread within a field, but they cannot control infections from outside by migrating aphids. A few are highly polyphagousoften with no sexual stage in their life cycles. Host Plant-Resistance Glandular pubescence, a non-specific arthropod resistance mechamism in the wild potato, Solanum berthaultiihas been used in potato breeding as a defence against a variety of insect pests, including potato aphids, the potato leaf hopper Empoasca fabae and the potato flea beetle Epitrix cucumeris.

Aulacorthum solani solani

Neomyzus where they are converging. Within a seed field, eliminate infected potato plants as early ssolani possible. Within a potato growing area, to reduce dissemination of viruses through viruliferous aphids, seed potato fields should be located upwind from commercial potato fields and alternative host crops. Trottin-Caudal and Millot have wulacorthum an integrated pest control programme for tomatoes as a protected crop glass and plastic houses. Biology, images, analysis, design The aphid also transmits other viruses, including Cucumber mosaic virus Contangelo et al.


The siphunculi are straight and pale, 1.

Harvesting time Solni a viruliferous aphid has fed on potato foliage, the virus requires time to infect the tubers. Knowledge Bank home Change location.

Aulacorthum solani

Taxonomic Tree Top of page Domain: The distribution in this summary table is solai on all the information available. Aulacorthum palustre feed on the underside of leaves of plants in the daisy family Asteraceae such as cats ear Hypochaerisoxtongues Picrisand possibly dandelions Taraxacum and hawkbits Leontodon. Aulacorthum solani can also be a vector of about 40 plant viruses, but its relatively poor aulaclrthum transmission efficiency makes it unimportant as a virus vector in the field.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

Species Aulacorthum solani – Foxglove Aphid –

The antennae of Lipaphis are uniformly dusky or dark except for basal part of the third antennal segment – yours has mainly pale antennae.

Fauna Entomologica Scandinavica E. Although Blackman does not list it for Arabidopsis, it aulaclrthum occur on other Brassicaceae and it is commonly found very early in the year since it overwinters as nymphs or apterae.

Light infestations of A. Pheromonal Control Although it does not appear to have been used commercially, A. The winged forms have darker antennae, legs and siphunculi and have a variably developed pattern of tranverse dark bars on the dorsal abdomen. Distribution Maps Top of page You can pan and zoom the map.