Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata, or JRD Tata as he is famously known, was a man of the ages. Born into the illustrious and industrious Tata family, he grew up . Childhood – JRD Tata was born on July 29, in Paris to a Parsi family. His complete name was Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata. Read Jeh: A Life of J.R.D. Tata book reviews & author details and more at Biographies, Diaries & True Accounts > Biographies & Autobiographies.

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Biography – Jrd Tata, Jrd Tata, Jrd Tata – Biography

Everyone knows the Tatas. Some of you, at some point, might have even worked in an enterprise they run.

But this multibillion dollar business conglomerate did not root in solid ground overnight. It was the hardwork, commitment and vision of one man, who krd what he had and made it the best one in the playground. Born into the illustrious and industrious Tata family, he grew up imbibing two polarised cultures — one from his sophisticated French mother and the second from his Parsi father.

Born inJehangir spent the first few years of his life in France, even serving a year in the Spahis regiment during the First World War. His father, Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata, had decided to move the family to London autobiogrsphy this point. In between his many travels, JRD grew up to be a restless seeker of adventure and strived for excellence in every aspect of his life. It was under his taata that the Tata assets climbed from Rs autobikgraphy crore in autobiographg more than Rs 10, crore in On his th birthday, we o the legacy of a man who took the business world by a storm and created a legacy that continues to exalt even today.


JRD Tata may be remembered for his fool-proof tatz strategy and unbelievable turnovers, but his true legacy as an entrepreneur started with thinking outside the box. At a time when the World Wars were in play and the world was advancing in mechanics and technology, JRD decided to taa his love for flying into action and turned his attention to the then less-popular aviation industry. Like every entrepreneur, he came up with a unique idea and made it a global success through sheer force of commitment.

And, despite being applauded for his many contributions in raising the stakes and numbers, he always humbly credited his team first. To make a good chappati, even a golden pin will not work unless the dough is good. JRD created business history at a time where India was straight-jacked by an economic limbo, even forty years into its Independence from British rule.

Being able to secure and promote an industrial revolution, so to speak, as the pinnacle of a new kind of entrepreneurship was a serious risk that JRD was taking. Although the Tata Group had been flourishing at the time of his ascent, he was the first to preclude it into the array of success it currently enjoys by bringing a whole new set of ideas to the table.


It has its drawbacks, but being finicky is essential.

JRD constantly co-related perfection with excellence and stated that it was only in the quest for the former that the latter would be a natural consequence.

JRD was a man of the future.

He was the first to incorporate a functioning HR Department in his company. He also altered the selection process to be on the basis of merit instead of dynasty. JRD also pioneered for the eight-hour day, before even the United States or Autobiobraphy had formally incorporated it into their legislation.

To this extent, he wished or offer her the chance to meet other nations on an equal footing on all levels, starting with taking a lead in the world of business.

“Jeh”, A Life Of J. R. D. Tata

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