Terrier is book one in the Rebekah Cooper trilogy by Tamora Pierce. It centers around The book is about Beka’s first weeks as a puppy, or trainee, in. Satisfying fantasy crime drama for tweens. Read Common Sense Media’s Terrier: Beka Cooper, Book 1 review, age rating, and parents guide. Pierce returns to the Tortall Realms for a new series, a kind of prequel to those of her popular “sheroes” Alanna, Kel and Aly. Her latest heroine.

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In what other ways is it similar to and different from ours? It’s because of this why Beka is called a Terrier. I’m about a quarter of the way through this one, and I have to admit that I’m not enjoying it as much as I’ve enjoyed the rest of Pierce’s bibliography. Recommended to Vaidah by: Terriee people that live there try their best to scrape enough to move up and away or they disappear into the darkness. His grandson, Roland, is killed by the alleged Shadow Snake.

Terrier (Beka Cooper, #1) by Tamora Pierce

Also in Beka Cooper. Also, the tone was strange. However, there is little proof for either mystery and Beka, as a puppy, cannot go after them as she would like. I really really do.

And how many ‘puppies’ are lost! Hundreds of years before Alanna first drew her sword in Tamora Pierce’s memorable debut, Alanna: This is what she wants to do. The worlds she create are so intricate you start thinking this could be an actual place.

It’s a very evil way to use up time when I should be doing other things. A lot or a little? Women who know what they want, stand up for what they believe, hold a moral compass made of personal integrity, and still can love and be kind and surround themselves with friends. The story is told in the form of a series of journal entries made by Beka Cooper as she trains to become a Provosts Dog, a nickname for the police men and women in the employ of the Lord Provost of Tortall, with a prelude taken from Eleni Cooper’s diary in which she relates Beka’s story to her son George.


Though the Dogs are initially unsure of their new charge, Beka proves to be a valuable resource, although she is extremely shy and has a hard time speaking in front of people. He’s such a good cat. Chapter One 1 6 Feb 06, I’m always surprised at how different the police work from that ‘time period’ is and today’s cops. I loved them so much, it was perfect!

See how we rate.

Terrier: Beka Cooper, Book 1

At first I was wary of reading it again thinking it might not be as enjoyable this time around. For kids who love fantasy. Not nearly as much as the main character can beks about every tiny little thing. Tortall and Other Lands. Beka is an excellent way to start, although Alanna will always be my favorite.

The Best Books of Doubtless they would be larger if I bdka on more pounds, but as I have no sweetheart and am not wishful of one for now, my peaches are fine as they are.

Review and more at https: The book makes a bold choice in the use of narration through journals, and honestly I terrifr think that helped the story. When is physical force required? This doesn’t only include the usage of certain words, but also short, simple phrases as well as punctuation.

Cracking open one of her marvelous novels always feels like coming home.

Terrier: Beka Cooper, Book 1 Book Review

Beka wants to help the people in the poorer areas. Beka is also a much different heroine, having grown up in the slums and lived a fairly unprivileged life. Short stories feature strong heroines, some mature content.


The Cesspool is here, which is the very worst of the Lower City slums. Keep out of the way. Otherwise it’s perfect and almost is more fun, when you already know how the story arc and the main character develop in volume 2 and 3.

Plus what better way to keep order in the city as a Dog than to date the new Rogue?

Beka is also the surrogate daughter of the Provost, having helped him capture a band of dangerous criminals when she was only 8 years old.

I even caught myself looking ahead to see what happened, and then I would remind myself that I al What is one word I can use to sum up the book hmm This is the beginning of her story, her legend, and her legacy For Tsrrier Family Log tsrrier Sign me up. This book was painful for me to try and get through and honestly I did not make it.

After having grown up in the Lower City, and watching a cove man, common-born leave her Ma with her 5 children and all she owned, due to her Ma bekka 3. She knows the people, she knows their ways, and she is uniquely fit fooper figuring out what’s going on in her neighborhood, and that is what she will do.

The only problem is the length of some of these journal entries! The Lower City is filled with pickpockets who are fast as lightning, murderers stalking the streets, and rogues who will knock your teeth out with a smile.