Carefully screened normal-hearing young adults (5M, 25 F) performed a fixed- frequency version of high-frequency Bekesy audiometry (HFBA) with pure tones. The Bekesy Audiometer in its pulsed mode of operation customarily presents tones at a repetition rate of /sec with a duration of about msec and a rise- fall. Bekesy Audiometry in Analysis of Auditory Disorders. James Jerger. James Jerger. James Jerger (Ph.D., Northwestern University, ) is Associate Professor.

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Workplace and environmental noise is the most prevalent cause of hearing loss bekeys the United States and elsewhere. Their designs were characteristic of the two basic types of electronic circuits used in most electronic audio devices for the next two decades.

Winegar, MA ; James A.

Another model used a tripped hammer to strike a metal rod and produce the testing sound; in another audiometdy tuning fork was struck. Hughes, PhD ; Wallace J. The primary focus of audiometry is assessment of hearing status and hearing loss, including extent, type and configuration.


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InCarl E. Before carrying out a hearing test, it is important to obtain information about the person’s past medical history, not only concerning the ears but also other conditions which may audoimetry a bearing on possible hearing loss detected by an audiometric test.


The auditory system is composed of epithelial, osseous, vascular, neural and neocortical tissues. Get free access to newly published articles Create a personal account or sign in to: Medical tests relating to hearing and balance R30—R39 Environmental noise and Industrial noise. The motion of the stapes against the oval window sets up waves in the fluids of the cochlea, causing the basilar membrane to vibrate.

Bekesy audiometry

The most common types of hearing loss, due to age and noise exposure, are usually bilateral and symmetrical. The concept of a frequency versus sensitivity amplitude audiogram plot of human hearing sensitivity was conceived by German physicist Max Wien in Both were built with vacuum tubes.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sign in to download free article PDFs Sign in to access your subscriptions Sign in to your personal account. The most commonly used assessment of hearing is the determination of the threshold of audibilityi.

Classification of Bekesy Audiometry

Schwarzkopf — demonstrated before the Berlin Oto-logical Society two instruments designed to test hearing acuity. Objective audiometry is based on physical, acoustic or electrophysiologic measurements and does qudiometry depend on the cooperation or subjective responses of the subject. Absolute threshold of hearing. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. His machine became the basis of the audiometers later manufactured at Western Electric.


High-frequency Bekesy audiometry: VI. Pulsed vs. continuous signals.

The anatomical divisions are external ear canal and tympanic membrane, middle ear, inner ear, VIII auditory nerve, and central auditory processing portions of the neocortex.

Classifications of bekesg tracings is currently based on 1 the area along the frequency continuum in which the curve of the continuous C tone separates from the curve for the interrupted I signal and 2 the extent and direction of the separation in decibels.

This article needs additional citations for verification.

Not to be confused with Audiography. This level can vary for an individual over a range of up to 5 decibels from day to day and from determination to determination, but it provides an additional and useful tool in monitoring the potential ill effects of exposure to noise. Purchase access Subscribe to JN Learning for one year. Purchase access Subscribe now. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.