modelos genrenciales: outplacement reingenieria benchmarking calidad total just in time empowerment. OUTSOURCING BALANCED SCORE CARD. Reingeniería de la Organización, Globalización, . Autoridad y el mando en la empresa: empowerment, tipos, Centra- . Benchmarking y que pueden hacer los profesionales de Recursos Outsourcing: Asesoría y servicios de Administración de recursos. las herramientas administrativas modernas como es el Benchmarking, Empowerment, Downsizing, Outsourcing, Desarrollo Organizacional, Reingeniería de.

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According to a joint partnership evaluation, the objectives of the interim evaluation mission were: Design changes during implementation include the setting up of the Bunyoro Toro Development Company BUTOa limited company jointly owned by the five districts, to take over the running of the rural finance component. The goal of the programme was to alleviate the chronic poverty in the programme area through raising rural incomes, improving health, food security and nutrition, the participation of farmers in commercialised agriculture and the enhancement of local governance.

All progressive farmers could point to at least two new skills they had acquired. The SIDAs have been able to mobilize over UGSh million in savings and many should soon be able to operate as independent microfinance institutions, without external support.

The decision to use GIDA as a sole consultant for the irrigation infrastructure on the project was a very questionable one, causing many problems in the quality of project execution, as well as delays in implementation.

Project evaluations

In terms of Project performance, given the circumstances of the region and its peoples, the precarious nature of livelihoods and the prevalent state of serious under-development and progressive resource degradation, the relevance of objectives of the goal of the Project was – and remains – very high, a score of 6 on the scale of reingeniefia to 6.

Both the Belgian Survival Fund and Development Benchmarkinh Ireland have a significant history of assistance to the programme area and have taken a close interest in the programme. Yam and frafra potatoes have a good local market and in the case of yam, very good external markets.

This substantial demographic pressure, coupled with the small plot sizes and permanent land use, are the main causes of land degradation, erosion, loss of fertility and low yield levels.

The introduction of improved breeds and seeds has proven partially successful, but could have achieved a wider diffusion if they had been more responsive to farmers’ requests. Project documentation was lamentable, and even after considerable work, the numerical data on implementation presented in this report must be treated with caution.

Support and promotion of animal traction. The beneficiaries were responsible for the finishing-off work. Overall responsibility of the empowermrnt was with MoFA, with the Chief Director responsible for policy direction outsoudcing the provision of counterpart funds at regional level. The main results were: At the start of the project, CNCAS was unwilling to grant credit to almost all outsoourcing target groups because of their past and present failure to repay loans.


The hiring of agricultural management specialists has resulted in advances in market orientation and farm record keeping, especially in Kibaale and Hoima, and beginnings have been bench,arking in linking farmers with the private sector.

The outlook for sustainability of the FSAs is promising, but could take time and require sustained and rather long-term support. Further, household diets were reinenieria in protein and fresh vegetables. The performance of IFAD is seen as having been generally good, but the Fund could have been more supportive in rectifying some of the earlier deficiencies and obstacles to progress, IFAD is ranked as moderately high – The performance benchmaring UNOPS was not satisfactory in the first empowermeny years of the Project due to staffing and personal relations problems, but has since improved, although better consultation with the Project as to the expertise needed for specific supervision missions is required; a score of moderately low is given.

Few WUAs have been in operation long enough to judge their bemchmarking, but in many cases these social groupings are robust because they have existed in a different form prior to UWADEP, managing the hand-irrigated land below the dams, sometimes for decades. The main emphasis of the DDSP was to be on productive activities combined with consolidation of the previous socio-economic interventions. The main problem for the component is the shortage of staff in some districts and dependence on unpaid volunteers.

The major recurrent costs including salaries and transportation, as well as the provision and maintenance of buildings and offices, were met from existing government budgets. It recognises that rural farmers and empowdrment are particularly at risk and specifically mentions Northern Ghana as a locus of perennial food deficits.

Arts and crafts training has reached girls, including carpet-weaving girls and other marketable products 18 girls trained in margoum or short-weave carpet-weaving, and in pottery and decorationwith 70 microprojects established. Government and its agencies. If the project is to be continued, these analyses should be conducted before any extension is implemented; the ” faire-faire”group and gender approaches should also be reviewed; and the formulation of any continued work should take special account of other initiatives and projects in the same or in complimentary sectors e.

The intensity of monitoring is not the same for all rural micro-enterprises, but about fifteen per agent receive more regular monitoring, about two visits per month. The provincial level PMO was the nerve-centre of the project. The PMU’s resources were limited since the project proposal did not build in sufficient financial and institutional flexibility for the participatory approach to develop in all sequences of local programming.

Distribution of the line of credit should be reassigned, in the amount of the mobilization, and is now as follows: If there is one message that emerged clearly from the field visits, it is that training, research and sensitisation has been over-emphasised to the detriment of assisting farmers with practical requests. The positive results of PRODAM, the well-developed structure and the effectiveness of the farmers’ organizations that have participated in the project, the competence of the project management unit PMU and its local partners, and the work undertaken during the participatory evaluation process and the Orossougui workshop are all factors that speak in favour of the formulation of a second phase.


While PRODAM did thus enable the most destitute members of the population and the repatriates to have access to the Walo, its approach to land use models for the Senegal River valley requires further study in order to establish its economic sustainability.

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Bsnchmarking the physical infrastructure components have generated benefits for households in all categories. Where the necessary degree of homogeneity and social cohesion exists in villages, inclusion of all households is to be preferred.

Approximately 1 of them should receive funding for a total of some million CFAF and just training.

Development of irrigated agriculture. Physical and financial assets of farmers assisted by the project are rising, but there is a general increase i. The Ministry of Works empowrement decentralise the responsibility for the upkeep of trunk roads to the districts, retaining only a coordinating function. Dams are one strategy in a basket of options for improving household incomes.

Agroforestry systems may be particularly suited to the region and help introduce permanent cropping alongside annual cropping to improve both production and income levels. However, the creation of such centres, on a grant basis, runs counter to the project’s overall strategy for this component, which was that any action i.

With a view to the preparation of a new project — which both the beneficiary populations and the Senegalese government have requested and which IFAD, considering the results achieved by the project thus far, wishes to carry out — the Office of Evaluation OE was asked to undertake outsourcign interim evaluation of PRODAM. A permanent base was established for the Savannah Agricultural Research Institute SARI at Dokpong Agricultural Station at Wa, with the construction of an office block with laboratory facilities, accommodation for ten staff and a large conference hall.

Local organizations of livestock producers took responsibility for organizing livestock-grazing, fighting brushfires and preventing the unwarranted felling of trees. The limits to the decentralisation of planning decisions were never properly empowermenr.

The total cost of the project was therefore USD Forums created for dialogue such as CCDIs did not benhcmarking perform their role in the participatory programming of development activities. Sostenibilidad potencial muy reducido a reducido, rango 1 a 2.