Int J Vitam Nutr Res. ;65(1) Hyper-beta-carotenemia unrelated to diet: a case of brain tumor. Olmedilla B(1), Granado F, Blanco I. Author information. Carotenemia is a harmless condition in which the skin turns a yellowish color from eating lots of certain foods. Unlike jaundice, the whites of the eyes remain. Carotenemia is the presence of high levels of beta carotene in the blood. Carotenemia is also sometimes called carotenodermia.

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He denied carltenemia, dark urine, light stool, abdominal pain, fever, excessive alcohol intake, or diarrhea.

These include hepatitisurticaria, aplastic anemia, and a retinopathy characterized by yellow deposits and subsequent visual field defects. Anorexia nervosa causes carotenoderma mainly through diets that are rich in carotenoids and the associated hypothyroidism. In hypothyroidism and diabetes mellitus, the underlying mechanism of hypercarotenemia is thought to be both impaired conversion of beta-carotene into retinol and the associated increased serum lipids.

Sweet potatoes and carotfnemia tend to be among the first vegetables fed to babies, which may lead to a yellow tinge to the skin.

carotenejia In this particular case, the patient was by all accounts taking beta-carotene on the advice of his physicians, and using the correct dosage. Cooking, mashing, and pureeing make the carotene more available for absorption. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Argyria Chrysiasis Arsenic poisoning Lead poisoning Titanium metallic discoloration. Piebaldism Waardenburg syndrome Tietz syndrome. Finally, taking high dosages of beta-carotene along with other nutrients, such as selenium, vitamin C, and vitamin E, may bbeta high-density lipoprotein levels, resulting in a less-optimal lipid profile.

Search other sites for ‘Carotenemia’. Carotenaemia has also been found in vegetarians or food faddists who over-indulge in carrots and oranges. Serum levels of carotenoids vary between region, ethnicity, and sex in the healthy population.


People with lighter skin complexion can most easily be identified due to the distinct yellow discoloration of the skin, but Carotenemia can occur in people of any skin complexion. There is a variation of yellow pigmentation between individuals with equal amounts of carotene in their diet Elevated serum carotene levels Most often recognized in toddler and younger age group.

Processing and homogenizing causes carotene to become more available for absorption. Back Links pages that link to this page. Carotenemia is an uncommon disorder that may be mistaken for jaundice. A randomized, placebo-controlled, clinical-trial of high-dose supplementation with vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, and zinc for age-related macular degeneration and vision loss. Serum carotene levels are a good index of fat digestion and absorption.

Page Contents Page Contents You Might Also Like. Related Topics in Pigmentation Disorders.

Carotenoids are cleared from the body in sweat, sebumurine and faeces. The exact pharmacology of beta-carotene is still being investigated.

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Disease states associated with carotenoderma include hypothyroidismdiabetes mellitusanorexia nervosanephrotic syndrome, and liver disease. In order to further confirm the diagnosis, the following tests may be conducted:.

Also, egg yolks, corn and yams. Carotenemia betz a yellow skin discoloration and must be distinguished from jaundice, which is much more likely to be a sign of serious illness.


Sclera and mucous membranes are spared. Indoor Aerobic Exercises for Obesity. Ayear-old caroteneima man presented for routine care. Carotenemia is rare in other conditions but has been found with hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus, anorexia nervosa, liver disease, renal disease, and familial. Archived copy as title Infobox medical condition Pages using infobox medical condition with unknown parameters All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from September Articles with unsourced statements from July Several studies have shown a decrease in the efficacy of statins and niacin with concomitant use of beta-carotene.


Canthaxanthin and astaxanthin are naturally occurring carotenoids that are used in the British and US food industry to add color to foods such as sausage and fish. Medicare for Chiropractic Care: Safe Upper Levels for Vitamins and Minerals.

There have been case reports in the literature of increased serum carotenoids and carotenoderma that is unresponsive to dietary measures, with a genetic defect in carotenoid metabolic enzymes proposed.

Carotenemia clinical vignette “Archived copy”. Orange or yellow discoloration of the skin caused by excessive deposits of carotene. One cup of carrots contains more than percent of the recommended daily allowance for vitamin A, according to WHFoods. Infants and small children are especially prone to carotenoderma because of the cooked, mashed, and pureed vegetables that they eat.

This is of particular interest because jaundice and carotenoderma can coexist in the same patient. Evans J, Wormald R. This is secondary carotenaemia. Since the symptoms of Carotenemia are quite similar to that of jaundice, which requires emergent and aggressive medical attention, it is important to understand the difference between the two conditions.

The gold-induced greyish skin color is called chrysiasis. Is It a Migraine? Unlike jaundice, the whites of the eyes remain white. UCLA’s Department of Medicine indicates that orange-colored fruits such as cantaloupe and oranges are also a food source for carotene.


Strictly speaking, excessive carotene in the skin should be called carotenoderma. Carotenemia is a condition which does not need any specific aggressive treatment and can be managed with diet alone. Written, Edited or Cwrotenemia By:

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