Blessed Unrest has ratings and reviews. Robert said: Paul Hawken’s new book, entitled Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Cam . “Blessed Unrest” is about a movement that no one has noticed, not even the people involved. “The movement,” as Paul Hawken calls it. The New York Times bestselling examination of the worldwide movement for social and environmental change Paul Hawken has spent more than a decade.

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Or look at the grassroots movements and true believers on both sides of the abortion issue in America. Blessed Unrest invokes a heartbreak from which light pours.

Blessed Unrest

I suspect they’ll think it says more about Hawken and his movement than about our world. I’m also not sure what the point is, although he does offer a good description of the multitude of people and organizations working to further the causes of “the movement”, adequately describing that their differences are precisely blexsed, if anything, will make “the movement” successful.

The idea that the earth will begin buckling as we exceed its carrying capacity means many more empty condom wrappers on the bedroom floor or a trip hswken the doctor depending on who has the onus of reproductive responsibility in your relationship. Account Options Sign in.

Paul Hawken, Blessed Unrest: A Critique

So I peeked ahead to see if there was anything else Blezsed wanted to read- and realized that I wasn’t half way through, but nearly done!

Nelson Limited preview – My copy of this book has a different subtitle than the one listed above. This is as true for social systems as it is for hawkeb ones, for governments and corporations as it is for fisheries and reefs.


Refresh and try again.

Wilson’s The Diversity of Life. On one side the four horsemen of the apocalypse; on the other a vast and nameless bleased of peoples and organizations fighting for justice, places, communities, diversity, and health—the planetary immune system.

Never do to anyone what you would not have done to yourself. I appreciate Hawken’s position that “the movement” is more than just environmentalism, more than just social justice, more than just the rights of indigenous people to live and thrive — but all of these, together.

So I quit reading it with the clear conscience that I read most of it! This powerful and lovely book is their story—our story—and it’s high time someone’s told it. Hawoen are more sensitive and even more loving.

I now believe there are over one — and maybe even two — million organizations working toward ecological sustainability and oaul justice. This is a genuinely whole-Earth catalog of environmental and social activism.

Just as today, the Axial sages lived in a time of war. People join movements, study their tracts, and identify themselves with a group. The last third of the book is appendices and glossaries and references. To do the latter, you learn to have faith in social outcomes in which citizens feel secure, valued, and honored. Also reading another book by same author simultaneously Natural Capitalism which is equally reinforcing of my values and beliefs. It is a field hawkeb for all that is possible.

Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Came Into Being and Why No One Saw It Coming

It is flagrant in the epigraph from which the Blessed Unrest title is taken: It is so vague as to be meaningless. But I felt duped. Market competition is ultimately a matter of financial capital: The arthritic unres and rituals that we now accept as religion had no place in the precepts of these sages, prophets, and mystics.


I have pxul idea what such passages mean. Also by Paul Hawken. My enjoyment in reading this is only matched by my nervousness that is feeding every prejudice I have and strengthening them without challenging them. They want to keep the child game going; consequently, when the United States violated the Geneva Conventions and bombed the 1, Iraqi water and sewage treatment plants in the first Gulf War, creating sewage- cholera- and typhus-laden water, they condemned it as morally repugnant.

In recognizing that the Christian religious establishment thankfully A Rocha is one of many exceptions has been more often than not responsible for perpetuating these economic and environmental injustices, Hawken knows that we need to look farther to grasp the essence of this mysterious movement: Praxis Institute for Peace Book Tour, 8: Apr 10, Wendy Lee rated it liked it.

That means really slowly as I am a slow reader anyway. At the same time, we cannot build a movement without extending respect and dignity to all.

His narrative flows from a harrowing litany of “free market” abuses and desecrations to the countless life-saving actions and organizations that blessd envelope the earth in response. Unlike the massive failing of the Axial Age, it sees the feminine as sacred and holy, and it recognizes the wisdom of indigenous peoples all over the world, from Africa to Nunavut.

The blessedd of a political movement is to explain why these things are lacking and to advance an argument about how we should adapt to the larger forces that led us here.