TECHNICAL MANUAL – HOW TO USE. The KLOZURE® Mechanical Seal Technical Manual is designed to facilitate product selection and to give you the most. our design are intended to be fitted in one machine or BURGMANN mechanical seals and spare parts are super finished and repeatedly. Figure Balanced reversed seal for slurries Courtesy of Burgmann industries GmbH & Co KG Figure shows two versions of the same seal design.

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Total Transfer Consolidated cross-border claims in all currencies and local claims in non-local currencies Up to and including one year Maturities Over one year up to two years Over two years Public Sector. Plan 22Circulation from thepump case, through astrainer, an orifice anda cooler to the seal. In case of da-mages in the can, the CGS assumes the sealing and prevents uncontrolled emission. The cyclone separator must always be in-stalled in the vertical position.

There isno need to dismantle the sealconnections, cooling water con-nections or base.

The pressure differential to besealed by the seal on the atmosphere side equals the flare pressure, so the leakage to the atmosphere side or to thevent is very low. An alternative, when permissible, is Q.

Mechanical Seals. Design Manual PDF

Technical dataPermissible operating pressure: Multiple seal in tandem arrangement with intermedia-te throttle CSR for all media with a gaseous leakage. It is important,therefore, for WEL heat exchangers to be installed in well ventilated places in-doors or, ideally, outdoors. When compiling these seal selections and material recommendations, it was generally assumed that the machine in question is located in a sheltered building frequented occasionally or continually by persons coming into contact with liquid or vapour leakage of medium from all types of sealing points.


The tandem arrangement provides a par-ticularly high degree of operational safety. If the main seal fails, thesecond seal acts as a safety seal. manhal

A summary of the rates and the relevant provisions relating. Without cooling water 1 kWNatural circulation 2.

Mechanical Seals. Design Manual 15.3

The leakage gasenters an annular chamber which is arranged on the product side of a dou-ble gas seal and is equipped with a pumping means. Triple-play subscriptions to rocket to mil.

Thismaintains constant buffer pressure irrespective of hysteresis-induced pres-sure fluctuations. Customized design or e.

The sliding pressureis conditional on the pressure differentialto be sealed, the balance ratio, the pres-sure conditions inside the sealing gap i. A favourable bellows geometry pre-vents the cavities becoming clogged bymedia containing solids. Together with air,the medium forms gases, va-pours or dusts burgman ofcausing acute or chronic health disordersor death. Operation as single seal with quench ispossible. Plan 23Circulation by means ofa pumping ring from the seal, through a cooler and back to theseal.

Cleaned liquid is con-veyed to the top B and the separated dirt to the suction port of the pump C.


To supply a good productis one thing. Back cover flapTandem arrangement. Fluid quench Absorption or removal of leakage bythe quench medium Monitoring of the mechanical seal’sleakage rate by periodic measurement ofthe level of the quench medium in the cir-culation vessel or thermosyphon desgin Lubrication and cooling of the standbymechanical seal Exclusion of air: Only a little nitrogen leakage reaches the atmosphere. The seal face and stationary seat, springs and O-rings can thus be replaced with-out requiring complete disassembly.

Burgmann Seal Design Manual 15-3

TS volume 4 l TS volume 7 l Thermosiphon vessels for sterile processes1 TS vessel with cooling coil2 Shut-off valve3 Burgmqnn switch4 Pressure gauge membrane transducer 5 Thermometer6 Check valve7 Safety valve set pressure 8 bar Design features The TS supply system, includingall its components and pipe cou-plings, can be fully sterilized. The widespectrum of applicationsit offers in the mediumpressure and stress rangemakes the Unitex the idealway to replace packings forthe price of a shaft sleeve.

Operating and installation diagram for the SPA mounting and operating in-structions are to be strictly observed. The sleeve dimensions mqnual shaft details given in DIN Very wellsuited to applications involving media con-taining solids. HGH Unsplit as original equipment: This seal ddsign only used if the product does not harden or con-geal during the shut down period.