#0, #1 and #3 sizes are readily replaced with new shutters, so the option of replace instead of repair is available. The Compur shutters are nicely made and well. From the service section of Flutots Camera Repair, Unfortunately parts are no longer available for those great Synchro-Compur shutters. How to strip-down and service the Synchro-Compur shutter on a Kodak Retina Ia or IIa camera. I’ll assume you already have the shutter removed from the.

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They are asking for old junk shutters that you may have laying around also. Don’t do it if you can’t afford eventually to give the shutter to a pro. We do not clean multi-coated lenses. Once it’s thoroughly shuttdr and dry, we’ll lightly apply the proper lubricants to all lubrication points.

Carol Flutot’s prices are really reasonable. S croll down to see internal links to a number ocmpur next pages which I developed to answer specific questions and address quirks of operation. Cleaning and Iris Blade Realignment: The vast majority of these are 0 and 1 size, although there are a few 00 size. Remove the front cover of the shutter. This warranty does not cover any damages resulting from neglect, impact, exposure to water or other liquids, tampering, excessive wear, or abuse. Labor and parts are extra, depending on the specific parts needed for overhaul.


You will be surprised at the amount of ‘crud’ that is displaced!. Might be useful, thanks. The latest versions are perfect in operation and if it were not for their very high price would be popular. We aim to adjust shutters within these tolerances. Some are unaware that graphite floats around in systems, rather than staying put. I finally have to click it the rest of the was with my finger. We will not be responsible for shutted or consequential damages resulting from the use of the repaired equipment, even if loss or damages is caused by the negligence or fault of Flutot’s Camera Repair.

Fixing a Sychro-Compur shutter

On June I found out that Benoit Suaudeau’s site is no longer operational. Cook at home a few nights, and you’ll have enough dough.

Repair of these an option which must be considered. O peration of the five blade Synchro Compur 0 and 1 popular versions. All repairs are warranted for a period of 6 months from the date of the repair. For a list of vendors please repaif our Links page.

The normal stay is three to five weeks, depending on how well the shutter cooperates. Replace and secure the shutter top cover then operate the shutter ocmpur times at all speeds. Am I missing something or is it just a collection of title pages? At times, 1 second may run a bit fast.


Services and Prices Important. Jun 12, If you do not feel confident with this, then I suggest that you get it done by a service centre. You can buy the cd from Bernard Mecking for about ten bucks on ebay. Check operation of the aperture blades.

This size and the 00 size is no longer available and replacement with new shutters is a problem. If the aperture is rough coat the blades and piviots with a light dusting of Extra Fine Graphite and rub it into the blades with a cotton swab.

Compur « SKGrimes

But we can restore the shutter to its original Copal condition without click-stops. Lighter fluid is a repiar quick fix. Also none were very expensive.

First, we’ll clean your shutter to get rid of all that old sticky or hardened lubrication. That lubricating section was new to me. Aug 23, 5. Like the earlier models they use the tension type mainspring. Test B and T for correct operation also.