Language Teaching: A Scheme for Teacher Education Editors: C N Candlin and H G Widdowson Syllabus Design David Nunan Oxford University Press David Nunan is a greatly respected author in EFL circles, and it was with some suprise that I hit his “Syllabus Design” like a brick wall. Unlike some of his other. Syllabus Design has 77 ratings and 3 reviews. Andreas said: My weapon when I was in charged as Head of Research and Development at Centre for Language.

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Syllabus Design by David Nunan

In the rest of 4 we shall look at some of the proposals which have been mad. Some of the purposes which learners, teachers, and syllabus planners in the Australian Adult Migrant Education Program have articulated are as follows: Do you think that Krashen apd Terrell can legitimately claim authorship of principles such as ‘develop communication skills ‘?

What do you think are the implications for syllabus design of the notion that structures are acquired in a predetermined order? Students complete the form with assistance from bilingual information officers. You will be asked to consider whether or nor we need objectives, and if so, how these should be formulated. Processing [ No response. I I 3 Opinion-gap activi’, which involves identiying and articulating a personal preference, feeling, or attitude in response to a given situation.

A tape recording of their conversation is a product.

Syllabus Design (Nunan)

Withi n the literature, there is some confusion over the terms ‘syllabus’ and ‘curriculum’. All of these perspectives taken together represent the ield of curriculum study. dedign

If so, list these. Process-oriented syllabuses 57 Level 2: The immediate reaction to such a wider view is to contemplate ways of incorporating it into the language syllabus.

Is there any evidence that teaching does, in fact, result in learning?

Syllabus Design

It was suggested by some syllabus designers that performance savid could be useul in certain types of syllabus design because they provided a speciication of what learners should be able to do as a result of instruction. Swan and Walter 1 These, naturally enough, contain a range of linguistic structures, which has meant that grammatical criteria alone can not be used as a yardstick of dificulty.


In considering needs and goals, we should keep in mind that the teacher’s syllabus and he learner’s syllabus or ‘agenda’ might differ. Lia Wibyaninggar rated it liked it Dec 14, It m ay als o be used t o assign le aners t o cl ass g roupings. Purp ose in c oming t o cl ass: The approach to syllabu s de sign promoted by Nlu nby ha s ledin some in stance s, to syl labuse s wi th a n arro w focu s such nunnan ‘E ng li sh for Mo tor Mechanic s’ and ‘Eng li syllagus for Biolog ica l Science ‘.

Marit al st atus: I’m dying tor a drink.

Which, if any, were dificult? Samples of syllabuses and course materials from a range of resources are presented and criticized. In a major study of learning-style preferences among adult second language learners. In relation to this second argument, he points out the dificulty of writing a test if we do not know what it is that we wish our learners to be able to do as a result of instruction. Such syllabuses were proposed as a means towards achieving languae performance through the skills of listening, speaking, readi1g and writing.

For example, drawing a map while listening to an instruction and performing a command. It would, therefore, be as well to give some indication at the outser o f what is meant here by syllabus, and also how syllabus design is related to curriculum development. The need to make value judgements and choices in deciding what to include in or omit from spe’ ciications of content and which elements are to be the basic building blocks of the syllabus, presents syllabus designers with constant problems.

These techniques have been borrowed and adapted from other areas of training and development, particularly those associated with industry and technoloy. For exampl e, c ertain ind ividuals, who ar e quit e comp et ent at ‘social ‘ or ‘su vival ‘ English, as d esc rib ed by Ingram, ar e s eriously d isad vantag ed wh en th ey ha ve to us e Engl ish at school.

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In a recent publication, Mohan 1 98 6 argues for content-based syllabuses on the grounds that they facilitate learning not merely through language but with language. Hutchinson and Waters developed a model combining the four elements of content, input, language, and task.

They can refer to cognitive and affective syllabuz of the learner’s development, what the teacher hopes to achieve in the classroom, what the teacher hopes the leaners will achieve in the classroom, the real-world communicative tasks the leaners should be able to perform as a result of instruction, and so on. Have you got a son? On the speciic practical side, tasks which dseign on description are simpler than those involving sequence, and these, in turn, are simpler than tasks involving choice.

Syllabus Design – David Nunan – Google Books

This has been most noticeable within the so-called ‘British’ school of applied linguistics, in which the focus tends to be either on process or product, but not on both. Widdowson proposes the following methodological solution: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This second perspective takes us into the classroom itself. In add it ion, it does not necessar ily fo llo w t hat t he best way to deve lop t he listen ing sk ills re q uired to study motor mec han ics is to listen to repeated min i- lect ures on t he nat ure o fcar burettors and ot her suc h top ics.

Syllabus Design demonstrates, in a practical way, the principles involved in planning and designing an effective syllabus. It has b een sugg est ed that this is du e to th e unfam iliar us es to wh ich languag e is b ein gput. Thus, a syllabus designed for hours of secondary school instruction will be able to incorporate more goals than a ISO-hour course for immigrants or refugees.

The steps in this process are as follows: