Dhruva Nadi 10p – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Nadi. I have calculated my Nadi as Dhruva Nadi and i want. to look at its reading. Please help. satya. Get email at your own domain with Mail. Sun Significations from Dhruva NadiThe sun is dark crimson in colour, Short and lean in Stature with honey-colored eyes and little hair on his head; strong.

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Satyajatakam Dhruva Nadi ( Astrology)

The ancient Dhruva Nadi is a collection of 43 volumes comprisingsanskrit verses, to be found at the Government Oriental Manuscripts Library in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. In the outline provided me 27 asterisms are given, however I have no information whether they were equal or unequal; as you will see in the dasha system from that outline which I will post in the dasha forum, while the position of planets in nakshatras rather than in signs is used to determine the nature of the dasha, the order dhruvx the mahadashas is determined using atmakaraka and the order of the antardashas is based on sequence of planets in order from the mahadasha ruler, so clearly a sign rashi based fromat is involved, at least relative to the dasha system referred to.

Inshallah by Grace of Allah Almighty we will go into practical cases studies and use all these seeds over there. Professions of Bharani According to Nadi Bharani is interested in following articles persons and professions.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. SMF – Just Installed! These are some comments Kenneth Dhruca sent me on the text: You are commenting using your Facebook account. In other portions of the Dhruva Nadi signs, divisions of signs, planetary rulerships, etc are to be found-but remember, we are talking about a 43 volumesanskrit verse collection, and it is possible that this Nadi is actually composed of elements originating from different historical periods of time.


Dhruva Nadi & Nakshatras

You are commenting using your Twitter account. According to the outline provided me: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Professions of Aswini According to Nadi Aswini is interested in following articles persons and professions.

Patel copied 1 dhruvx 10, verses and used extracts from this copy in several of his books; in the Satya-jatakam, Sage Satyacharya elucidated several principles underlying the Dhruva Nadi, and included several extracts from the massive treatise, but excepting this work which talks more ABOUT the Dhruva Nadi, than exemplifying its contents and the Patel references, this Nadi remains unknown to contemporary Vedic schools of practice.

I will be sharing more in next post so please stay connected if u want to know how Dhruva Nadi through the light on this most important subject of today. Notify me of new comments via email.

Still a few reflections. The dasas are almost certainly Indian adaptions of the numerous hellenistic time lord or planetary ruler systems.

Well, on a speculative basis, the 5 nakshatra “classes” into which the asterisms were divided as per the above outline taken from somewhere in the Dhruva Nadi suggests to me the 5 tattvas of tantra: I’ve been doing more research into the Dhryva, and am curious about using them as a zodiac unto themselves, instead of the signs that are typical. In other words are they based on junction stars placed at differing distances apart or are the equally spaced as in modern Jyotish?


They provided me with an outline of a dasha method based on it, which I shall discuss in the Dasha Forum. Will also keep the forum posted on this. Blood and flesh consumer, cruel minded, interested in killing, binding and beating, born of low pedigree, lacking satwik quality. Certainly the signs rashisand the Nodes, are referred to elsewhere in the Dhruva Nadi, but perhaps this particular extract might reference a practice originating “before the signs” were used??


Chakras are very little known, quite useful and harken back to most ancient times. Ryan Kurczak Administrator Sr. According to Nadi Rohini is interested in following articles persons and professions. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Several factors may imply this is quite ancient. Here Dhguva may add for the beginners in Jyotish, that Dyruva literature is the most ancient and most authoritative part of Jyotish.

Trying to date this piece would take real expert input. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Clearly, if they are unequal it would indicate an dhfuva older period they date from. The tradition continues to this day with the nakshatras still fundamental to Jyotish Muhurtha today.

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