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DIN Blind Flanges. PN6. PN DIN. No. of holes. D b k d2. KG. D b k d2. KG. 4. 4. Buy DIN () Weld Flanges For Pressure Vessels And Process Apparatus Of Stainless Steel from SAI Global. Buy DIN WELD FLANGES FOR PRESSURE VESSELS AND PROCESS APPARATUS OF STAINLESS STEEL from SAI Global.

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DIN 不锈钢制压力容器和加工装置用焊接法兰 – MBA智库文档

Design of bolted domed ends, with sin full face or narrow dni gaskets, and with the dome either convex or concave to pressure. Shopping cart Close cart 0, foreach: FEA preparation in Ansys Bolt pretensioning force. Horizontal vessels on ring supports per EN chapter We offer an integrated FE calculation for several standard problems like nozzles with external loads on cylindrical and spherical shells or domed heads. The results of any database query may be listed or single objects may even be displayed as 3D objects.


The program fin divided into 3 calculation sections: EN chapter 20 and radial ddin ribs of round flat ends acc. Wind loads per EN chapter Additional information and hints 20836 pursuing calculations or deficiencies in the code can be displayed dynamically by using the InfoBrowser. Flange joints for process 280036 – Weld flanges for pressure vessels. Design of unreinforced and reinforced pressure vessels of rectangular cross-section per EN chapter 15 Module EN15 comprises calculation rules for the design of rectangular pressure vessels with and without reinforcements.

Vertical vessels with ring supports per EN chapter Calculating nozzle loads wit the FEM module. In the standards DINDIN and DIN flanges for process apparatus in different designs were specified, which were als based on the same design principle. Buy The material data base of the program comprises the physical and mechanical properties of more than 3.


For a single-compartment vessel subjected 280036 internal pressure, working below the creep range, the test pressure, applied as internal pressure at the highest point of the chamber of the vessel for either horizontal or vertical test positions, is defined in the standard EN At the moment our database contains more than standardized flanges and more thas gaskets. Plates with or without edge moment can be designed.

Vessel support stability package – similar to AD section S3. Please contact us, to get to know more about our current development status and the availability of flangeValid System Designer. Currently elements with the dimensions of the following standards are listed in our database:.

WERK Material data base. WERK Package price 1 licence: Simplified assessment of fatigue life per EN chapter 17 The requirements are based on conservative assumptions. You can switch from German to English and vice versa.

Nozzles with or without reinforcement plate and openings in cylindrical, conical and spherical shells per EN chapter 9 Design of circular, elliptical or obround openings in dished ends or cylindrical, spherical and conical shells. Contact us svenska Login. Using this method requires knowledge of the structural stress. Project sheet The Project module summarizes operational and test data, as well as the main parts of a pressure vessel including main geometrical data and used material in one working sheet.

Vertical vessels on bracket supports per EN chapter All values are displayed on screen and may be printed, copied into the clipboard, saved as a file e. Flange joints for process vessels – Weld flanges for pressure vessels Article no: Flange wizard Top flange. Design of horizontal cylindrical shells with stiffening rings, welded to the inside or outside of the shell.


Report error on page. After specification of the geometry and material, the program determines the actual membrane and bending stresses and checks the geometrical conditions and the allowable stresses. Buy Alternative method for the design of flanges and flanged 2803 per EN Annex G Integration of several flange and gasket codes.

The standard is now in your shopping cart. Heat exchanger tubesheets per EN chapter 13 The EN 13 module package consists of 3 modules for U-tube tubesheet, fixed tubesheet and floating tubesheet heat exchangers according chapter 13 of EN Bolted domed ends convex or concave to pressure idn EN chapter 12 requires EN11 module Design of bolted domed ends, with either full face or narrow face gaskets, and with the dome either convex or concave to pressure.

Flange, Flanges, According, Weld, Standard – Flanschenwerk

The EN and EN programs cover the calculation rules and proofs demanded by the according chapter of the code. Gasket analysis in Ansys Normal component of gasket closure. The modifications of the test pressure due to the hydrostatic pressure is also specified in the regulation.

More precise, less conservative results will usually be obtained by application of the EN 18 module. Screw wizard Top and bottom flange with gasket and screw.