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The device names, pin counts, memory sizes and peripheral availability of each family are listed below, followed by their pinout diagrams All other trademarks mentioned herein are property of their respective companies.

Dpic33fj256gp710a – SPI with two slaves.


Program flow changes between segments. Program Counter 0 23 bits This bit is cleared when the ROI bit is set and an interrupt occurs. The PICkit 3 is not recommended for new designs. One circular buffer can be supported in each of the X which also provides the pointers into program space dztasheet Y data spaces.

Analog voltage reference low input. This pin must be connected at all times. ADC module is implemented Note: If they are the same, then the clock switch is a redundant operation.


OSC generates device operating speeds of 6. The SPI module is In Production View Datasheet Features: Max PWM outputs including complementary. The module compares the value of the timer with the value of one or two Compare registers depending on the operating mode selected See Table for the list of implemented interrupt datasgeet.

R-0 R-0 bit 8 R-0 R-0 bit Bit is unknown U-0 U-0 U-0 — Refer to the device data sheet for details. SYSRST is released valid clock source is not available at this time, the device automatically switches to the FRC oscillator and the user can switch to the desired crystal oscillator in the Trap Service Routine.

Pull-ups on change notification pins should always be disabled whenever the port pin is configured as a digital output. Explorer 16 Development Board User’s Guide.

Microchip DSPIC33FJGPA-I/PT Price | Datasheet | Stock | Allchips

Download datasheet 3Mb Share this page. Up to 40 MIPS operation 3. CE – Signal generation, fractional sampling rate, interpolation, decimation. The length of a circular buffer is not directly specified determined by corresponding start and end addresses.


It features all the necessary hardware dspic33fj56gp710a begin developing and debugging a complete embedded application.


Data byte writes only write to the corresponding side of the array or register which matches the byte address. This board is an ideal prototyping tool to help you quickly develop and validate key design requirements.

CE – Adaptive Notch Filter. Capture timer value on every edge rising and falling 3. Hardware clear at completion of data transmission. External clock source input. CPU logic filter capacitor connection.

The TyCK pin is not available on all timers. Prescaler Capture Event modes -Capture datasueet value on every 4th rising edge The data space can be addressed as 32K words or 64 Kbytes and is split into two blocks, referred and Y data memory. A simplified block diagram of the Reset module is shown in Figure