The book Homo Hierarchicus: The Caste System and Its Implications, Louis Dumont is published by University of Chicago Press. Documents Similar To _Louis Dumont – Homo Aequalis(1).pdf. Philippe Corcuff as Novas Sociologias. Uploaded by. Julia Coelho · DUMONT Homo Aequalis. Homo Hierarchicus: The Caste System and Its Implications. 3. Homo aequalis . Dumont’s Homo Hierarchicus (), to some extent, revived the interest in.

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In larger areas of the world, death, birth and other such seclusion of the affected persons, for instance, the newly delivered mother was actually excluded from the church for forty days at the end of which she would present herself carrying a lighted candle and would be met at the church porch by the priest.

Food and drink water in caste relations According to Dumont, this is a reflection of an ideological fact: That is how we moved from a holistic ideology in which religion defined dumomt as the religion of the group, so that the overall society is represented as the universal Church, to an individualistic ideology in which religion is left to the individual and his liberty of conscience; since then, men have thought about the society to which they belong in political language.

He regarded this as behavioural change, rather than a radical transformation aequalls the system as a whole, at the level of values or principles. I Some responses—those of most contemporary political philosophers—amount to defining the part by itself. Tocqueville on individualism 7. Dumont is more concerned with system integration and system maintenance than with change or conflict.


Caste among Muslims France-Allemagne et retourParis, Gallimard, Dumont advocated the use of an Indological and structuralist approach to the study of caste system and village social structure in India.

Louis Dumont, Homo aequalis,

The period In other words, why do they give the impression of having stopped at the point where we Westerners continued the historical development? In his last book, he offers this: Kohn, because they have the ability to represent To Dumont, hierarchy is the essential value undertaking the caste system.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Hierarchical society and egalitarian society: In the Watches of the Night Peter C.

Louis Dumont’s Political Thought – Books & ideas

He did not answer these questions directly. The fieldwork, however, contributed to his interest in inter-regional comparison and he published searching analyses of marriage and kinship terminology. The individual and society 3. He conceives of Indian society not in terms of systems of relationship but as systems wequalis ideational or value patterns or cognitive structures.

Therefore, we consider him in the category of cognitive-historical and Indological.

Dumont moves gracefully from the ethnographic data to the level of the hierarchical ideology encrusted in ancient religious texts which are revealed as the governing conception of the contemporary caste structure.

For him, the relations between varnas, especially the Brahmin and Ksatriya, are almost complementary. A year later, inhe succeeded M. homp

The Caste System and Its Implications is an unusual work of Dumont in its conception, design and execution. Notes on contact and untouchability Hierarchy and separation are two basic aspects of opposition between purity and impurity, and hence of the caste system.


That is perfectly true. Structural and Functional Perspective of Indian Sociology. Twitter Facebook Youtube Tumblr.

Homo Hierarchicus

They have not seen that with this contrast between two types of social ideology, Dumont was just giving a fresh take on the great division in the discipline of sociology: Dumont says that caste is not a form of stratification but a special form of inequality, whose essence has to be deciphered by the sociologists. About the difficulty of the task there is no doubt.

II The second possible definition of politics falls between the preceding explanations, which remain completely encased in the shared modern meaning, and a fully comparative definition.

Here, he remained engaged in a research project on French furniture and undertook the study of a folk aequaalis, the Tarascon, about which he later wrote a monograph, La Tarasque For him it is not a matter of replacing acting men with forces of which they are the instruments.

Always and everywhere there would be the essence of the political, as there would be the essence of the religious, of the moral, and so on. In reality, the caste system has changed in various ways during a period of time.

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