In , Hasbro released the first Arcee toy that was a completely new sculpt in the Energon line. Energon is a line full of homages, and Arcee is a strong one. Energon Arcee – Image #1 of Energon Arcee – Image #2 of Energon Arcee – Image #3 of Energon Arcee – Image #4 of Energon Arcee – Image #5. Results 1 – 35 of 35 Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of Energon Arcee Transformers & Robot Action Figures. Find the perfect.

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Cyberverse Enefgon Wave 1. Additionally, you can position her rear tire halves above her shoulders for a different look. Attach the missile launcher to the scope.

However, you can turn her head and position her other arm to make it appear as though she is pulling the string back on the bow. What Lies Beneath, Part Four.

The figure worked primarily because of the very “feminine” features of Transmetal 2 Blackarachnia. Still, at the end of the day, there enerbon no original mold, transformable Arcee toy mass produced for a Transformers line out there – until now.

Energon Toy Reviews: Arcee

So she looks great, but what good is a motorcycle on the field of battle? Have one to sell? In order to comply with the FTC’s endorsement guidelineswe hereby inform this site’s viewers that we occasionally receive sample products, content, or other forms of media from various companies in order for us to provide content of interest to our readers.

You are viewing images 1 through 50 out of 95 total. In vehicle mode, Arcee becomes a super fast sport bike and can outrun anyone who dares to challenge.


Arcee Energon From Transformers Wiki.

Turn on 1-Click ordering for this browser. The body is sculpted nicely as well. Her robot face is silver with blue eyes a nice touch. Please try again later.

Sure, this isn’t the same character and she doesn’t have the same alt mode, but it will have to do. Separate the seat in half and bring the sections down to her sides. As a Generation One fan, there’s an odd sense of excitement one gets when you finally obtain a Transformers toy that you’ve been waiting well over a decade for. They returned to normal momentarily, but had dreadful news for their Protector allies: Though all individuals in the aggregate had survived, taking refuge in their respective Auto-Avatars, Elita Seven was was left deeply concerned; they no longer had access to the Alternity’s god-like abilities.

By combining the two intakes and attaching the tail pipes to the sides, you can give Arcee a giant, compared to her anyway, long bow. For a list of other meanings, see Arcee disambiguation. Review Set Includes The smallest Omnicon to date, Arcee finally makes her debut as a main-line, non-exclusive, new mold.

Fan made customs fueled rumors that Arcee was being made. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Energon Arcee Transformers & Robot Action Figures for sale | eBay

Over ten years after Transformers: We do our best to keep tabs on infringements. After she and Kicker managed to breach his defenses, the Omnicons provided Unicron’s core with Energon starscalming down the dormant Chaos Bringer’s violent tendencies.

Please try your search enerfon later. Swing the front energgon all the way into the back, the windshield piece should move back as well. Energon Like her Omnicon brothers, Arcee comes with a number of Energon accessories and an Energon star.


Arcee (Energon)

Get the scoop on all the popular comics, games, movies, toys, and more every day! Flip the small panels on her arms out and around to form her hands.

Arcee and the Omnicons were immune to the gas’s effects, and so Optimus planned to drop a team of Omnicons with Kicker down on Cybertron to locate the gas pumps and turn them off. Bumblebee bested the Decepticon trio, but Megatron then struck from across the dimensions, wounding the little Autobot and destroying both the museum and the tablet.

The hands are open palmed, with each digit etched in.

Arcee – Energon – Toy Gallery (Page #1) – Transformers

While observing a battle between the black Convoy and one of Megatron ‘s auto-avatarsSrcee Seven waited for the aftermath and chastised the bad boy of the Convoy Aggregate for fighting dirty. Use this on your website, blog, or other places that use plain HTML. While blowing off some steam, they were captured by Snow Cat who attempted to rewrite their programming to turn them into Decepticons. She was part of the main cast of the movie, and would go on to be a major player in the third season of the Transformers show.

When Bumblebee awoke, Elita requested that he explain just what the heck had happened; Bumblebee explained that the tablet was a device invented by beings from arcef two-dimensional universe that converted artworks into trans-dimensional gateways they could have passed through. Arcre least she resembles the character from the movie, can transform, and not a spider.