Title: Formulario , Author: Alejandro Gómez, Name: Formulario , Length: 2 Los contribuyentes que realicen inicio de actividades podrán acceder al. PORTAFOLIO DIGITAL INICIO DE ACTIVIDADES 3D Full Motor (Empresa simulada). Formulario de Obtenci贸n de RUT e Inicio de Actividades. ¿Cómo inicio actividades en el Servicio de Impuestos Internos? Copyright: © All Rights . Formulario (si es presencial). Acreditación de domicilio.

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A Sociedad Limitada is a different and much more costly tramite that takes a much longer time and requires publication in the Diario Oficial.

RUT and RUN : two ID numbers to know

So, for example a company has no passport, but private individuals do have a passport. I pointed out to the Regional Manager that If I was that way inclined, which I’m notI could take the company to the cleaners. Moderated By A Chilean Attorney.

This means telling the tax authority: I believe it is because the most common function of the number inicii for tax paying purposes, and it shows on your Chilean ID as RUT.

Or you can also download and print it online http: They are often just figure-heads, and really don’t do anything.

That is all a highly oversimplified explanation of the process of course, and a lot will depend on what you want to do, what you are selling, your tax situation in Chile and outside.

The Representante Legal is in effect the company, dd you will find out how fast he turns on you.

iniciacion de actividades y contabilidad by Jasmín Calderón on Prezi

Don’t mess with the IRS. Get a temporary RUT: For more than a decade, the Chile Forum has been the center for expats to share their collective knowledge and experience about living in Chile. Alternatively, they may authorize an agent to obtain a RUT on their behalf, delegating this power to the agent in a document witnessed by a public notary.


It will be canceled once a foreigner applies for residency. Since year every born baby has a RUN number; before it was assigned at the moment of applying to get the ID card. For example, selling advertising is subject to IVA tax, but doing graphics design work may not be. I have a RUN with my carnet and temporary residency. Perhaps a good analogy is that this is similar to the distinction between a tax payer id number as issued by the U.

They are complex and expensive to undo, and sometimes the damage is simply not fixable. They are fully and completely interchangeable terms, regardless of the none-sense conversations you will have with some Chileans trying to tell you otherwise half the time they were not even born when it occurred and do not understand the history themselves.

Yet, if in the meantime you need to complete one of the following things before being official resident, this is possible with a temporary RUT:.

Chile Forum

Powers of attorneys formulxrio be limited to getting specific formuulario completed. If no other legal representative is available, we contract out to independent attorney legal reps do not need to be attorneys or accountants. Then they decided to combine them in to one unified number across all systems in Chile. So, make sure you get your own attorney to check the paperwork and you understand exactly what you are doing for both POA’s and incorporations, and your nice smiling new partner you had too many glasses of wine with get their own attorneys.

  1947 LEY 0064 PDF

Legal, relocation, and Investment assistance in Chile. Boletas have to be stamped.

Thus, companies, as tax paying entities with various rights and responsibility in Chile are issued RUT numbers also to distinguish them from private natural persons. This number does not have any legal value. Don’t leave the store untended, and you will be less likly to get in to trouble. Now, in order to start a biz, you have to initiate activities with the IRS.

RUT and RUN : two ID numbers to know –

Yet, you can still try to use it for other purposes. The same caution is also needed for powers of attorney, because the kind of trouble they can cause is very similar. You just need to go to the office near where you live and ask for form It is very important that the mechanisms to oversee the legal representative and accounting be solid from the start, and that the articles of incorporation provide for easy removal of the legal representative should they go off the reservation in some way.

The difference between them is that RUT is also used for juristic person. If so, feel free to like and encourage us to produce more great articles like this one: Just one number for everything in the country. So, essentially you are going to need to talk to a lawyer at least an accountant to sort out which it is.

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