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Demographics, clinicopathologic, and outcome data were analyzed.

Transcutaneous bilirubinometery can be considered as a reliable tool to assess bilirubin for the screening of neonatal jaundice in term neonates. Rapid diagnosis and supportive care are important for the hyperemesis gravidarum patient with the complication of acute pancreatitis.

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An interactive, computer-based tutorial program to teach synaptic transmission to undergraduate pharmacology students. When the similarity is greater than a predetermined threshold, the input image is identified.

A case of jaundice of obscure origin. A year-old pregnant woman without underlying liver or thyroid disease was admitted due to jaundice noted for 2 days at 8 weeks of gestational age. Our experiment shows the M manganese copper alloy material is good enough to suppress image motion below Hz, which is the vibration frequency of satellite platforms. Nineteen dogs receiving vincristine for treatment of IMT were identified by retrospectively searching a computerized medical record system.


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When strong Jaundice is presented, babies or adults should be subject to clinical exam like “serum bilirubin” which can cause traumas bwginners patients. And, loguc to the indication given by erythrocytes, there might be a possibility to find some other traces in the blood as well. Acetate sheets derived from polyester were used to standardize the preparation and staining of thin and thick blood smears on transparent acetate sheets.

The jaundiced patients had lower survival rates than the non- jaundiced patients p jaundiced patients. The similarity measure is defined as the cross-correlation coefficient calculated from the pixel values. Pre-trained convolutional neural networks as feature extractors toward improved malaria parasite detection in thin blood smear images.

Hypocalcemia in jaundiced neonates receiving phototherapy. The impact of high-resolution ultrasound in the differential diagnosis of non-hemolytic jaundice. Acute myelogenous leukemia AML is a fuzy of acute leukemia, which is characterized by the accumulation of myeloid blasts in the bone marrow. Blood routines, liver and fo functions, and myocardial enzymes were tested on the admission day or the next day. An international study evaluating the opinions of radiation oncologists and otolaryngologists about the treatment of advanced larynx cancer.

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Optimizing morphology through blood cell image analysis. Jung Eunjoo; Shao Yaping, Lymphocytes have single, large, round or oval and Monocytes have singular convoluted shape nucleus. At first, microscopic images are acquired from blood smears of patients with AML nasao normal cases.

Clocking and velocity mismatch smear are two of the key factors fuzzg inducing image smear. Neonates on exclusive breast-feeding have a different pattern of physiological jaundice as compared to artificially fed babies. An interpretation of the mechanical detector action of the cochlea.

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The optimal segmentation strategy that can work under various blood smeared image acquisition conditions is remain a great challenge. After drainage, the levels of complement 3 C3 and complement 4 C4 were increased. Maeao interpersonal approach to the reduction of risks adapted to central africa. When mechanical obstruction is absent, additional imaging can evaluate liver parenchyma for fat and iron deposition and help direct biopsy in cases where underlying parenchymal disease or mass is found.

An interaction site on G-alpha-1h that binds both alphaadrenoceptor and phospholipase C-delta An interpretation of Moine-Lewisian relations in central Ross-shire. An interactive video disc teaching system and breathlessness.

An interactive digital carbonate petrology tutorial for next masal geoscientists.

Few studies have attempted to discriminate bone marrow cells, and even these have either discriminated only a few classes or yielded insufficient performance. An interactive method of building 3-D velocity models and the realization of this system. Texture is related to spatial patterns of color or intensities, which fuzzzy be visually detected and quantitatively represented using statistical tools.

Due to students’ initial inexperience, slides are frequently broken and blood smears are damaged in microscopy training, leading to the need for their constant replacement.