The Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) is a main component of the GPRS network. The GGSN is responsible for the interworking between the GPRS. Single IP Cisco GGSN Usage Notes and Prerequisites Configuring Support for GGSN-Initiated Update PDP Context Requests Gprs tutorial. by packet paging to notify the GPRS 17 The GPRS access modes specify whether or not the GGSN requests user authentication.

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These network access services can be broadly classified into: The GGSN sits between the wireless network and the wireline data networks that interface with it. Only remote subscription data will be used.

The availability and support commitments agreed in the SLA can be expressed in terms tutorila mean time between failure MTBFmean time to repair MTTRand reachability of technical support or availability of spare parts to replace failed parts. The upgrades for the GPRS network are not as large as starting from scratch and rolling out a new network.

GGSN – Telecom ABC

Which encryption and message header authentication algorithms are expected to be used Whether manual configuration or PKI infrastructure is used for authentication keys distribution Whether tunnel tutorual transport mode is used Particular IPSec policies The IP addresses of the security gateways Password management criteria for L2TP tunnels should also be titorial.

We have therefore chosen to adopt our own classification, which we have just introduced and which will be further detailed in the remainder of the chapter. You can put this into. For the CSD case, NAS telephone numbers, as well any conditions associated with user sessions termination upon idle timeouts.

IP addresses for LNS or other tunneling protocols endpoints. Quality of Service and VPN. For instance, when the user is authenticated, the Rutorial server can return a name of a service to be provided to the user as described in the previous section, “IP with Protocol Configuration Options” or possibly the information necessary to tunnel PPP frames to a LNS.

Packet Data Solutions

Wiki Start page Index by title Index by date. For this reason, this tutoiral mode is most useful for providing access to applications and services that do not require user authentication. However, the operation of a GPRS network may require a significant number of public IP addresses and the Internet Addresses registries are known not to give out many of them lately, so this may prove to be a hurdle in network operation.

With GPRS providing additional connectivity in terms of packet data, there are naturally a number of upgrades needed to the network architecture required. The GGSN also collects charging information connected to the use of the external data networks and can act as a packet filter for incoming traffic. One of the key elements for any network operator is the cost of capital expenditure capex to buy and establish a network. It also depends on whether the provider wants to standardize a service or whether the provider wants to tutirial the flexibility of its network to accommodate different customer needs.


Password management criteria for L2TP tunnels should also be included. Which encryption and message header authentication algorithms are expected to be used. Having said this, the solution might address the current shortage of PPP-capable GPRS terminal implementations that is affecting the industry, while still allowing the service flexibility offered by the other approach.

Even though entering the PIN number at MS startup provides user-level identification, normally users want to skip this phase and configure the MS to automatically remember and use the PIN, thus defeating the purpose of the user-level authentication built into the system.

This scenario is also being repeated by 3G, except in this case, greenfield operators that is, new companies starting up 3G businesses without having been a player in 2. Static IP addresses are also allowed, and in fact, the use of static IP addresses is necessary for network-initiated PDP context activation.

GPRS – PDP Context

Dynamic or static IP address assignment. Each access point is identified via a logical name, or the access point name APN.

Note that so far we tuotrial at the early stages of the wide-scale deployment of international and national roaming capabilities we could expect for the future. How This Book Is Organized. We also avoided trying to map this to the standards taxonomy, since again this would have required us to justify decisions taken in the standards, which appears to be quite a risky and difficult task and not necessary for the readers to fully master the matter and properly apply these solutions in the real world.

Tutoril main one is the addition of the PCU described above. Mobile Ttutorial Network Operator. The greatest limitation of this access mode is in its trust model, which implies the external network to fully rely on the wireless network to provide user authentication. Therefore, there is no mutual network layer reachability between the Internet and the GRX: These new terminals will be backward compatible with GSM for tutorail calls. All charging plans are ultimately based on an appropriate charging data collection.


Also, the trust relationship existing between the customer and the provider often depends on very specific clauses and guarantees written in this section.

These network access services can be broadly classified into:. Network-initiated PDP context activation. For cases that rely strictly on the HLR subscription data for user authentication, integrity protection of GTP signaling from the visited SGSN to the home GGSN is required, so that the Selection Mode IE cannot be altered and therefore is expected to be valid, since it is generated by a visited network that has a trust relationship with the home network.

This access mode based on IP PDP type allows for the same layer two or tunneled connectivity to the network associated to the APN as ggzn the Simple IP case, but it adds the capability to perform user authentication for network access based on a secret shared between the administrative entity of the external network and the end user, thus allowing for a stricter level of ghsn than Simple IP mode. These may include both Internet and X.

GPRS PDP Context

Therefore, it may happen that this would negatively impact the radio resources usage and make the bill for the user undesirably more expensive. In addition, the PIN is a secret shared with the wireless provider and is not considered a user secret for external network access that is, the external network cannot base user authentication on the PIN used for wireless access authentication.

Service level agreements SLAswhich a UMTS Mobile VPN service provider defines with a customer, include business arrangements and financial and legal clauses that are not relevant to technology and hence beyond the scope of this book. On the other hand, operators can offer outsourcing of these services and also consolidate on tutoroal unique platform terminating L2TP tunnels coming from both CSD and PS bearers-based access—and even dial, broadband, and wireless LAN access.

GPRS architecture works on the same procedure like GSM network, but, has additional entities that allow packet data transmission. In the standards, nontransparent access refers to all other access methods where the GGSN participates in user authentication. In this book we won’t describe the details of CS voice capability, except for the need for users to have a list of phone numbers available in visited networks that would allow them not to dial back to access numbers in the home network.

HA Allocation in the Network.