Like many rust diseases, G. sabinae requires two different hosts to complete its life cycle from year to year. Juniper is the winter host and pear is the most. Gymnosporangium sabinae: spermogonia on Pyrus pyraster. detail. Gymnosporangium sabinae: spermogonia on Pyrus pyraster. the underside of the leaf is. Spermogonia and aecia of G. sabinae on pear leaves. Tumefaction of infected branches by Gymnosporangium sabinae on alternative host plant Juniperus.

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First report of the pear saninae rust fungus, Gymnosporangium sabinae, on Pyrus calleryana ‘Bradford’ and ‘Chanticleer’ and P. Genomic DNA was extracted from rust-infected tissue on P. Note distinctive location of germination pores in the two central spores. Epidemiology, cultivar susceptibility and chemical control of Gymnosporangium fuscum in British Columbia.

Title Aecia Caption Close-up of mature G. The Worcestershire Record article includes a photograph of the fungus on Juniperus sabina.

I have since gymnosporanguim that my plant pests and diseases book has an entry for the related Hawthorn Rust, G.


Distribution Table Top of page The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available.

Mikologiya i Fitopatologiya, 18 2: Retrieved from ” https: Bernard Jabas 1 and Dr. We use cookies in a very limited number of scenarios that are all present to help the users to have an easier experience. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Articles with ‘species’ microformats. Register new name species, sabinaae, family, etc Register new type specimen of existing taxa epitype, neotype, etc.

Pear Rust, Gymnosporangium sabinae (aka Pear Juniper Rust or Pear Leaf Gall)

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When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the status.

Topical Meetings and Workshops. European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization.

Pear Rust, Gymnosporangium sabinae | Jeremy Bartlett’s LET IT GROW blog

The telia and aecia release wind borne resting or hibernating spores called teliospores and sabinaf capable of infecting susceptible pear leaves and Juniper respectively. European Handbook of Plant Diseases. References Top of page Akesson I, A Aecia on undersurface; B Spermogonia on upper surface. Penn State University Press. Distribution Maps Top of page You can pan and zoom the map.


These cookies allow us to see information on user website activities including, but not limited to page views, source and time spent on a website. Encyclopedia of Life EOL. We therefore monitored rust-infected Callery pears in Riverhead as well as a common pear P. Current name Classification Type name Basionym Obligate or homotypic synonyms Anamorph synonyms Teleomorph gymnnosporangium Facultative or heterotypic synonyms Type of organism.

Note scars caused by telial horns Copyright M. More Spanish version Dr. Google Wikimedia Wikipedia Gymnopsorangium. Common Names of Plant Diseases.

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