level of articulation at the and Conferences. This laid the .. DM Segesser ‘Die Haager Landkriegsordnung in der internationalen wissenschaftlichen. Einige der Entscheidungen betrafen Artikel g der Haager Landkriegsordnung von , der die Zerst├Ârung feindlichen Eigentums untersagt, es sei denn. l Die Bestimmungen der Haager Landkriegsordnung und des Dritten Genfer Abkommens Oktober Anlage zum Abkommen Ordnung der Gesetze und .

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The two versions of the Convention and the Regulations differ only slightly from each other. In the cases contemplated in the preceding paragraph the said Government shall at the same time inform them of the date on which it received the notification. The officer in command of an attacking force must, before commencing a ahager, except in cases of assault, do all in his power to warn the authorities.

My search history My favourites. We are using the following form field to detect spammers. Territory is considered occupied when it is actually placed under the authority of the hostile landkriegsorxnung. A person can only be considered a spy when, acting clandestinely or on false pretences, he obtains or endeavours to obtain information in the zone of operations of a belligerent, with the haxger of communicating it to the hostile party.

Done at The Hague 18 Octoberin a single copy, which shall remain deposited in the archives of the Netherlands Government, and duly certified copies of which shall be sent, through the diplomatic channel to the Powers which have been invited to the Second Peace Conference.

So, we logically cannot guarantee the quality of each and every translation. Capitulations agreed upon between the Contracting Parties must take landkriegsordnumg account the rules of military honour. He fled for a brief time to Switzerland, but shortly thereafter was able to return to Berlin. Prisoners of war may be set at liberty on parole if the laws of their country allow, and, in such cases, they are bound, on their personal 107, scrupulously to fulfil, both towards their own Government and the Government by whom they were made prisoners, the engagements they have contracted.

According to lajdkriegsordnung views of the High Contracting Parties, these provisions, the wording of which has been inspired by the desire to diminish the evils of war, as far as military requirements permit, are intended to serve as a general rule of conduct for the belligerents in their mutual relations and in their relations with the inhabitants.

In countries where militia or volunteer corps constitute the army, or form part of it, they are included under the denomination “army.

The Conference landkriegsordnujg succeeded in adopting a Convention on land warfare to which Regulations are annexed.

To declare abolished, suspended, or inadmissible in a court of law the rights and actions of the nationals of the hostile party. Prisoners of war are in the power of the hostile Government, but not of the individuals or corps who capture them.

All appliances, whether on land, at sea, or in the air, adapted for the transmission of news, or for the transport of persons or things, exclusive of cases governed by naval law, depots of arms, and, generally, all kinds of munitions of war, may be seized, even if they belong to private individuals, but must be restored and compensation fixed when peace is made.


Lanxkriegsordnung your message will be regarded as spam. Until a more complete code of the laws of war has been issued, the High Contracting Parties deem it expedient to declare that, in cases not included in the Regulations adopted by them, the inhabitants and the belligerents remain under the protection and the rule of the principles of the law of nations, as they result from the usages established among civilized peoples, from the laws of humanity, and the dictates of the public conscience.

You are not signed in. The Landkroegsordnung may utilize the labour of prisoners of war according to their rank and aptitude, officers excepted. To kill or wound an enemy who, having laid down his arms, or having no longer means of defence, has surrendered at discretion. Because of the overwhelming data volume, it has not been possible to carry out a manual editorial check on all of these documents.

The first suspends the military operations of the belligerent States everywhere; the second only between certain fractions of the belligerent armies and within a fixed radius. They shall be in proportion to the resources of the country, and of such a nature as not to involve haagwr inhabitants in the obligation of taking part in military operations against their own country.

Haager Landkriegsordnung (1907)

We also aim to integrate these usage examples into our mobile applications mobile website, apps as quickly as possible. Who, after having deposited their full powers, found in good and due form, have agreed upon the following:.

The obligations of belligerents with regard to the sick and wounded are governed by the Geneva Convention. It rests with the Contracting Parties to settle, in the terms of the armistice, what communications may be held in the theatre of war with the inhabitants and between the inhabitants of one belligerent State and lsndkriegsordnung of the other.

He may take all the necessary steps to prevent the parlementaire taking advantage of his mission to obtain information.

Family honour and rights, the lives of persons, and private property, as well as religious convictions and practice, must be respected. Every prisoner of war is bound to give, if he is questioned on the subject, his true name and rank, and if he infringes this rule, he is liable to have the advantages given to prisoners of his class curtailed.

Seeing that, while seeking means to preserve peace and prevent armed conflicts between nations, it is likewise necessary to bear in mind the case where the appeal to arms has been brought about by events which their care was unable to avert.

Haager Landkriegsordnung HLKO : German ┬╗ English | PONS

Please note that the vocabulary items in this list are only available in this browser. The authority of the legitimate power having in fact passed into the hands of the occupant, the latter shall take all the measures in his power lanekriegsordnung restore, and ensure, as far as possible, public order and safety, while respecting, unless absolutely prevented, the laws in force in the country.


An inquiry office for prisoners of war is instituted on the commencement of hostilities in each of the belligerent States, and, when necessary, in neutral countries which have received belligerents in their territory. A prisoner of war cannot be compelled to hazger his liberty on parole; similarly the hostile Government is not obliged to accede to the request of the prisoner to be set at liberty on parole.

The Convention of remains in force as between the Powers which signed it, and which do not also ratify the present Convention. Thinking it important, with this object, to revise the general laws and customs of war, either with a view to defining them with greater precision or to confining them within such limits as would mitigate their severity as far as possible.

InHaber married Charlotte Nathan. A violation of the terms of the armistice by private persons acting on their own initiative only entitles the injured party to demand the punishment of the offenders or, if necessary, compensation for the losses sustained.

Ruses of war and the employment of measures necessary for obtaining information about the enemy and the country are considered permissible. To this class belong likewise persons sent in balloons for the purpose of carrying despatches and, generally, of maintaining communications between the different parts of an army or a territory. It has not, however, been found possible at present to concert regulations covering all the circumstances which arise in practice.

In addition, the Dictionary is now supplemented with millions of real-life translation examples from external sources. Inquiry offices enjoy the privilege of free postage. The ratifications shall be deposited at The Hague. The main sources we used are professionally translated company, and academic, websites. Javascript has been deactivated in your browser.

Regulations concerning the Laws and Customs of War on Land. Prisoners of war may be interned in a town, fortress, camp, or other place, and bound not to go beyond certain fixed limits, but they cannot be confined except as in indispensable measure of safety and only while the circumstances which necessitate the measure continue to exist.

Prisoners of war liberated on parole and recaptured bearing arms against the Government to whom they had pledged their honour, or against the allies of that Government, forfeit their right to be treated as prisoners of war, and can be brought before the courts. As between the parties to the Convention, this Convention has replaced the Convention see Article 4 of the Convention.

In the absence of a special agreement between the belligerents, prisoners of war shall be treated as regards board, lodging, and clothing on the same footing as the troops of the Government who captured them. Once you have copied them to the vocabulary trainer, they are available from everywhere.