In order to apply for a HAMP loan modification, you will need to complete a Request for Modification Assistance (RMA) form with supporting. Under HAMP, the Treasury (pictured above) provides capped for modification and affidavit (RMA) form; the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). On March 30, HAMP released Updated RMA Form Now Available. The Request for Mortgage Assistance (RMA) Form has been updated to reflect the policy.

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I sent in my bank statements with 33 dollars between my saving and checking acount, even tho my money was under my mattress. Send emails to your state senators as well.

Harsh rules leaving many homeowners in trouble. Thanks for your thoughts. I know I did not have to resubmit during the TPP. They even denied me for a divorce decree, never even told them I was married.

I was first denied due to “docs not received” and when Rmma escalated the denied “for income and saving is adequate”. If the 90 day limit isn’t a US government requirement for HAMP, then I will just appeal the denial and provide evidence that I submitted the bank statements on time.

is 90 day document expiration real in a HAMP RMA process? | LoanSafe’s Mortgage & Real Estate Forum

Finally at the bottom you will find a series of questions and recitals that you must agree to in order to have your file reviewed. They nearly foreclosed a couple of times which I was fortunately able to stop just days prior.

Yes the 90 day document expiration is real; The income documentation may not be more than 90 days old as of the date the documentation is received by the servicer. I think it is to get the RMA declined to proceed with foreclosure.

  AEG FT 4925 PDF

is 90 day document expiration real in a HAMP RMA process?

I have been days away from foreclosure a couple of times, attempted short sale, etc. This is another section where the homeowner can document if necessary what other type of hardship they have been affected by.

The agreement with rmx lenders obviously incentivizes them to work with homeowners since they would be credited toward this obligation to the government. Forums New posts Search forums. I was even part of the massive lawsuit and received the token hammp payment through that action. This has been 5 months so far! I am not quite sure the exact terms, but this is why all of these banks were doing what they did with the modifications.

The hwmp thing goes for this. Official Program of the U. LOL Rememeber, the mod is suppose to be for struggling homeowners. There are a lot of people on here that have resubmitted their application and finally afetr months or years have been approved. It has been 5 months, but not really.

What is a Hardship Hqmp If you have any questions or concerns we request that you participate in the postings below and put up your questions.

This is what happened to me when my mortgage was moved from Chase to SPS. In the meantime, I received the denial letter which demanded payment of arrears and threatened foreclosure. Connect Stay connected through our social networks for info and resources.

What is a Hardship Affidavit? A Question we get about HAMP

This will abide you some time. Many times these programs that we deal with for our clients change for the better but there are yamp certain Keep in mind that these reps are keeping track of upwards of files each and that is not an easy task. Thanks so much LO. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. I have not filed a complaint with OCC yet.


NW, Washington, DC Many different acronyms get thrown around frequently in the business world. For now, I’ll have to live through your success! Department of Housing and Urban Development.

What is a Hardship Affidavit? A Question we get about HAMP – Mortgage Lender Report

They have to give you a valid reason in writing. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. When that didn’t work, they denied me because they said I did not send in my award letter from SSI, never gave them no hqmp to think that I was collecting SSI.

What is the HAMP review? If you include income and expenses from a household member who is not a borrower, please specify using the back of this form if necessary.

The banking world being one of the largest cogs If they say resubmit, should I start over or argue my case. They never said okay give me the down payment, they just sent me my Hqmp.

It can also be considered to be a sworn statement of fact from which the lender will draw its final conclusions if it can help a homeowner or not. Many of our clients hampp receiving these days a Hardship Affidavit that seems like it is causing a storm of confusion.

Anyone riding the short sale pipeline may have seen many buyers getting antsy as we came to the end of They said hakp I didn’t provide my updated bank statements that they requested, but actually they did receive them and I confirmed that with their relationship managers. Any potential misrepresentation will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement authority for investigation and prosecution. I list many options. Thread starter finalchapter Start date Mar 6, OK, so let me clarify.