In , the psychiatrist Charles K. Hofling conducted a field experiment on obedience in the nurse-physician relationship. The aim of this. Hospital Under Beds, Hospital Over Beds, Eldercare or Hospice Facility Home > August – Volume – Issue 2 > AN EXPERIMENTAL STUDY IN HOFLING CHARLES K. M.D.; BROTZMAN, EVELINE R.N, M.S.; Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer and Object Relationships in Early Memories: A Pilot Study. In the original Hofling hospital experiment (). A person would telephone a nurse, saying that he was a doctor and giving a fictitious name, asking the nurse .

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The implication is that with fewer reasons to refuse, they would be even more likely to obey. If the nurse who has not been told about the experiment becomes emotional or stressed this is affecting her welfare. The participants were deceived as little as possible but the ethical guidelines hospitao say that deception may not cause the participants distress, the experiment did cause some distress, which may not be ethically viable.

Another factor which was not taken into response when designing the investigation was the protection of participants. Having said all this the experiment did take some ethical measures in the experiment like debriefing the nurses at the end of the study, these precautionary measures would have reduced the experkment caused to nurses. So overall Hoflng think the experiment would be acceptable to repeat in the present day as the participants are put in no real danger and are eventually aware that exeriment was an experiment.

For informed consent the nurses are not fully informed of the full experiment, this can be okay with the guidelines as long as it involves an everyday situation. This suggests that it can cause distress and mental harm which is highly wrong.

hofling hospital

He also found that 21 of 22 nurses to whom he had given the questionnaire had said they would not obey the orders of the doctor, hoflihg that 10 out of the 22 nurses had done this before, with a different drug. Nonetheless, 21 of 22 nurses complied.


There was also no time that the participants could withdraw from the study gospital was because they were not aware at any point that they were being observed which is not ethically viable. Maximum dose 10 mg.

Hofling – yes or no?

August 11, at hspital Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease Likewise, the nurses may have been slightly misled and deceived as they were unaware of the experiment that was taking place however this was all included in the nature of the experiment. Under these conditions, only 2 out of 18 nurses prepared the medication as requested. Stress and the Immune System.

After a number of voltage-level increases, the actor started to bang on the wall that separated him from the subject, after several times banging on the wall and complaining about his heart condition, all responses by the learner would cease.

But now it is seen that it was wrong for him to not get informed consent from the nurses involved as it gave them no choice to opt out, although if they had of been told the aim of the investigation they may not have acted in the way they did and the results would not have been so conclusive.

Keith E Rice – Hofling & His Nurses

The teacher began by reading the list of pairs to the learner. There are several reasons why the nurse should refuse the request: Starting from Nazism where hfling Germans, who were loving parents to their children, but actively participated in killing of Jews.

August 31, at 3: Due to this it is essential to consider if it would be for the best to hide what is actually expfriment in order to record a realistic reaction.

The teacher was given a list of word pairs that he was to teach the learner. However I would like a few changes to be made. This article needs additional citations for verification.


Hofling found that 21 out of the 22 nurses would have given the patient an overdose of medicine. I would not let someone repeat this experiment today because there are many ethical problems with this investigation.

hofling hospital | Viv•i•fy : ( verb) : to endow with renewed life

There may have been expefiment withing the experiment as nurses and doctors may have thought they just had to answer the questionnaire, but without this the experiment would not have worked.

I would have removed the medication from its stand after all patients had received their medication and then replaced all of them with a placebo. When the participants were told that it was an experiment many found it distressing, however if an option was available for them to withdraw their results from the experiment it would be seen as ethical and less upsetting.

Expermient even though the nurses are deceived, it is explained why they are so. Expegiment Videos [show more]. In some ways his experiement is ethical. The ethical issues surrounding the experiment all focus on the well being of the nurse. Reeder Returns, published by Hodder inhas SBN indicating the publisher, their serial number. However i believe that the protection of participants was not acceptable. You can see this is actually true from looking at the results of the questionnaire where the nurses knew the situation compared with the experimental situation where the nurses hospial not know.

Obedience is one of the biggest barriers to organisational change. Next, the teacher and learner were taken into an adjacent room where the learner was strapped into what appeared to be an electric chair, the experimenter told the participants this was to ensure that the learner would not escape.