You can ask Howdens to measure for you and in return your builder/fitter gets a detail list of everything, price list and 3d colour drawing of what. Thursday 5th March What are the likely price differences between going through a trade account at Howdens or just Joe Bloggs buying them? . me a few weeks ago that he has seen 75% off Howden’s list price for kitchens in the past. I have lost work before because Howdens cant compete on prices. . fixed and anyone caught advertising below the manufacturers guide price.

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howdens prices

So the best way to find out if you are getting a fair price is to get a comparative quote elsewhere. OK, looks like their ‘sale’ is genuine.

Edited by FarmyardPants on Wednesday 25th October You don’t, get them to price up the whole thing then just the cabinets, you’ll save yourself a grand or so on the units if you sweet talk the designer, as they work to a minimum level of profit on a job and there’s more profit in the cabinets. We have a couple of sample doors from DIY Kitchens and we like the quality, but don’t like the colour, so the jury is still out on that one. Just had prie Howdens kitchen fitted.

  CEI 62-122 PDF

I’m about to get a Howdens kitchen. I’m currently in the throws of buying a kitchen. Should be a faster delivery too. So after you have howdes your Howdens Kitchens price list and looked at Howdens Kitchens brochure then let us beat it.

I am looking at getting 15 doors. The only thing we didn’t like was their worktops so had another company in for that. Yes they do, and the margin discount is better than any other time of year.

Howdens discount | Screwfix Community Forum

Just look at the bottom line. And when Hussein took the matter up with Howdens, a representative asked him how well he knew his builder, and implied he might want to choose another.

This is where they make their money. DubsJan 31, The merchant will have a discount policy for it’s individual customers and these will be a lot lower than any retail outlet. Prices are competitive but you need to use one of the 20155 fitters I think. I haven’t joined the party late.

howdens prices | Screwfix Community Forum

You also dont need soft close buffers on the doors, something Howdens factor into their prices. Beautiful Cottage Kitchen Ideas cottage kitchen ideas – small country cottage kitchen ideas small condo kitchens cottage kitchen ideas room design ideas cottage kitchen design and decorating kitchen brick backspl Plus the girls there are smart.

What is the deal with Howdens, price wise? That just local west yorkshire though, other branches might be cheaper. Trade prices are not a thing of the past. Just had 4 kitchens off them last week and they even threw in loads of extras like blades, screw boxes router blades and loads more.


Rosscow 7, posts 99 months. Very limited and not that cheap. Forum

Prev of 3 2 3 Next. In some cases they may disclose all of the discount and will add on the fitting cost and profit margin as separate items.

Howdens Door PricesLife in General. Prev 1 of 3 3 Next. No, create an account now. When Hussein questioned it, the builder was, he says, evasive. I thought i could walk in and hand over some howdes I didn’t use them in the end, a friend has a rental with a howdens kitchen, hinges are buggered, soft closes dont work etc.

Re lighting, theres more than 1 way to skin a cat and the way I light mine costs very little. Camping and Can someone give lisy a guide of what I should be paying for these doors? Morning Everyone We have just exchanged on a house and we are planning on putting a new kitchen in.