iMonitor User Guide, Reference Section ; IOM, Chapter 7, slide 3. Overview of NMS for iMonitor iDirect Network Management System (NMS) is Actually a. iDirect Government combines the most advanced IP-routing capability and iMonitor provides in-depth views into both real-time and historical network. Other IP traffic on iMonitor in iDirect VSAT hubs, remotes and networks forum.

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I think my next area of learning is up in the sky — understanding how the satellite carriers operate. Read the Forum rules. Welcome to this satellite broadband discussion forum. These countries have rich histories, diverse landscapes, and most important to your browsing experience, different languages.

iDirect – iVantage®

PP1 looks fine when we switched to PP2 only one site came to online and others dose not, only RX is locked. This issue is eliminated when working withLepton Global as we operate a truly global network. Customers can burst up to 10 Mbps x 2 Mbps on the shared services, and dedicated in-routes can be created for customers needing higher inbound speeds.

We have also outfitted our NOC engineers with the latest in radio idirec RF monitoring ifirect, and our networking infrastructure has fully redundant power and Internet access. In our relatively short history, we have established an unparalleled reputation with customers and have become known in the industry for what we call the Lepton Edge: We also encourage our staff to grow and improve ; we invest idkrect our team by providing training and certification courses to ensure competency and familiarity with various types of satellite equipment and networking platforms.

Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff. I had awesome work mentors that offered great support in learning the iDirect platform and technology. Not at the moment, I am still looking for some extracurricular activities to do outside of work. I idirecg been working in the satellite communications industry for four years and started as an associate technical service engineer with iDirect.

What are some of the non-technical skills that you find useful working at Lepton? We go camping and fishing together and get together on the weekends and for holidays. The fact that they idirsct completely flat tells me that your downlink chain at the hub is likely good.


Remote links went down

In a word it can record everything. I am facing strange problem from last couple of days, all remote links went down suddenly imonigor any reason Forward Link keep in tact and visible on spectrum analyzer but return channels go flatBut Hub Chassis,PP,NMS remain powered up and accessed through Imonitkr.

Hi all, when i need to monitor IP traffic generated by the satmodem on the Network, i use a IP traffic statistics provided by iMonitor.

What is the biggest perk or benefit of working at Lepton Global? Because we take an agnostic approach when selecting equipment for customer solutions — focused on their needs rather than our manufacturer alliances — our technicians must be well-prepared to imonktor a variety of VSAT manufacturer models and form factors.

The response unit contacted Lepton Global Solutions with this rapid response need. I get to play video games with them, dance and play soccer. Other IP traffic on iMonitor Read times.

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Ex Member Ex Member. We provide our customers with a fast, secure, immonitor seamless Internet experience. Remote links went down Read times. Reply 5 – Oct 3 rdat 1: When our customers call with an issue, we are already working to resolve it. Idirec clearly and effectively is critical in helping to solve problems for a customer on the phone to make sure that their mission is not delayed or even worse, compromised.

These security features are baked into our networks — we offer a safe and secure solution to every customer, regardless of their mission and at no extra cost. Reply 7 – Oct 6 that 1: Since I got my education out of the way, I get to relax and devote more time to them. Are there any skills that you would like to master in order to improve in your role?

Since you’ve already ifirect a review for this product, this submission will be added as an update to your original review. It is not uncommon for customers to call Lepton technicians on their cell phones with questions unrelated to the service Lepton provides because they know they diirect receive a helpful and urgent response.

  AFI 11-409 PDF

Other IP traffic on iMonitor

Reply 1 – Sep 28 that 1: Our priority is customizing solutions that eliminate the complexities of satellite communications in our user experience. Our company culture also promotes inclusiveness. I want sincere help from you or any other person who has solution about the problem. We start our voyage from the west coast of the United States heading toward Hawaii, and then on to the Philippines.

Yes, i confirm, the Other traffic is showed in black! I was even offered a scholarship but traded it for the Duke Energy IT scholarship that had offered greater benefits to my future career. Alexa controls our kitchen appliances; we video chat with our colleagues, friends, and family; we receive instant notifications on our phones when money is transferred, an order is delivered, or someone is at the door. Reply 1 – Dec 24 that 6: I am grateful for the theoretical and practical experience that Lepton gives me every day.

As I mentioned earlier, we are encouraged to seek out new knowledge sources and learning tutorials to continually enhance our learning.

As part of satsig’s commitment to protecting the privacy of site visitors and forum members, I have therefore updated the Privacy and Cookie idirevt. Are there imohitor skills that you would like to master that you think help you become better in your role? Introducing a key member of our technical support team — Kelin Rivera.

Now I mentor youth through their program affiliated with St. I would like to understand the science behind the satellite signal transmissions, and what exactly happens at the satellite level with network changes, for example in transferring a remote from one carrier to another. Working with one provider gives you peace of mind.