The book is written in the form of a personal account of Ouspensky’s years with Gurdjieff, and the ideas of Gurdjieff are presented to some extent in their. In Ouspensky’s ‘In Search Of The Miraculous’ the reader is introduced to the authors first meeting and following time spent with the enigmatic Greek/Armenian . Buy In Search of the Miraculous: The Definitive Exploration of G. I. Gurdjieff’s Thought and Universal View (Harvest Book) Revised ed. by P. D. Ouspensky.

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The music used to destroy the walls of Jericho was objective music. To those interested in esoteric traditions, this book should be considered an account of one man’s crash course in the teachings that underlie the others. Page People of the objective way simply life in life. Page We have ouspenxky perfectly clear example of the relation of zero to infinity. They are ready to waste as much as you like on their own personal fantasies but they have no valuation whatever of another person’s labor.

Organic life is the mechanism of the clock brought into motion by the weight.

Ouspensky – Extracts from “In Search of the Miraculous”

Man’s name is legion. Page When one fasts, he must expend as much energy as possible so that the strong solutions normally used to digest food will not poison his system.

Apr 27, Martina rated it liked it. Therefore in true work, the producing of infatuation in people is not mirzculous.

The author begins by describing his first meeting with Gurdjieff shortly after he, Ouspensky, had returned from India in search of a school of higher knowledge. Time, as we feel it, is the fourth dimension. Page 73 The same order of division into seven categories must be applied to everything relating to man – art, religion, science, philosophy, etc.


Finally, the form of the book allows Ouspensky to present the Gurdjieff ideas in a specific psychological sequence and in carefully selected juxtapositions without calling this strategy to the attention of the reader. This book is a good introduction seacrh Gurdjieff’s teachings, presented in a clear and understandable way by the author, who was a student of Gurdjieff himself from to This work is brilliant in the way that the information is described. Page If we start with the first number in a fraction and connect in sequence to the remaining numbers in the fraction, we shall obtain the figure found inside the circle.

There is nothing about the fourth way that is any more “esoteric” than these other traditions that’s right, nothing.

Page Ouspensky had acquired a strange confidence in the unimportance and the insignificance of self, that self which we usually know. Page By considering externally a man does that which makes life easy for other people and for himself.

Gurdjieff learned and taught in, at times, clear and concise terms, and at other times, almost incomprehensible esoteric ideas and old science Jul 18, Sue rated it really liked it.

Six different forces will be acting upon the worlds of the third order. Page Organic life transmits planetary influences of various kinds to the earth, and it serves to feed the Moon miraculos to enable it to grow and strengthen.



In Search of the Miraculous: Fragments of an Unknown Teaching

No one can ascend onto a higher step until he places another man in his own place. In life we see a preponderance of vulgarity and stupidity of all kinds. The edition has a foreword by writer Marianne Williamsonin which she notes the book’s reputation as being a classic, or even a primer, in the mirsculous of esoteric principles and ideas.

All his deeds are the results of external influences, external impressions. Page 87 An “atom” of the Absolute is smaller than an “atom” of a 1st-order world. I cannot tell you more than has been said already, except that it has blown my mind.

In Search of the Miraculous: Fragments of an Unknown Teaching by P.D. Ouspensky

Fate only relates to a man’s essence. Miracukous is a good deal of debate as to whether or not the latter was an authentic teacher or a charlatan. In work, only super-efforts are counted. Having read just about everything written by or about Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Collin, Orage, Nicoll, and countless disciples, spin-offs, Sufis, etc.

Mircaulous cannot truly understand G. In the same situation, one man sees and does one thing, another – another thing, a third – a third thing, and so on. Number 5 – 5-pointed star which points upward, the pentagram.