Auditor Notes are included in this checklist as an aid to the Auditor and to facilitate a standardized and consistent Audit. Auditor Notes fall into four categories. Operational Safety Audit Program (IOSA) is an in- . The use of the IATA MO checklists is now mandatory; if an MO was performed on an. A practical manual, which might be referred to as a quick reference handbook ( QRH), typically comprises checklists and other selected information and material .

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Response to acts of unlawful interference including: By setting performance measures, an operator is able to track and compare its operational performance against a target i. Flight altitude is equivalent to cabin pressure altitude for the purposes of unpressurized aircraft oxygen supply calculations. The content of training shall ensure the PIC has adequate knowledge of the elements specified in Table 2. Such evaluation of proficiency is expected to be part of the flight crew selection process, but may occur during initial training or at any other point prior to the individual being assigned to duties as a flight crew member, instructor or evaluator for the operator.

IATA Operational Safety Audit – SKYbrary Aviation Safety

Refer to the Guidance associated with CAB 3. The parameters dhecklist be considered in the definition of a stabilized approach are listed in the body of the provision. If operationally relevant, fhecklist specification vii of this provision requires the operator to determine and designate the methods used by the flight crew to determine fuel freeze points in accordance with the specifications of FLT 4.

An aircraft type-specific training course would typically address any cabin or supernumerary compartment actions to be taken during normal, abnormal or emergency situations. The specification of this provision ensures unauthorized training materials e.

Such procedure shall include a preflight inspection of systems and equipment, which, as a minimum, is conducted by the flight crew prior to the first flight: Such training and, when applicable, evaluation shall be accomplished either: The specification in item iii refers to the barometric pressure setting to fhecklist altitude is referenced.

The specification in item i b may stipulate the number of takeoffs and landings to be performed according to a defined schedule in order to establish an equivalent level of recency experience.


The specification in item iii checklisy to limitations regarding the use of an EFB.

Stabilized approach criteria provide conformance with the specifications of this provision for the approach phase of flight only. The operator, in accordance with the requirements of the Authority, typically uses technical guidance for the computation of sufficient stored ioss oxygen for unpressurized aircraft derived from any one of the following sources, as applicable: Such course would typically address: Prolonged operation may be defined by the operator or manufacturer and refers to navigation systems with accuracy that could degrade over time or are affected by the presence of external navigation aids.

Specifications in item i and ii may be satisfied by policies documented in, or referenced in, the OM that assign responsibilities to the PIC in a manner consistent with regulations of the State and the intent of the provision.

Also, the maintenance of the manuals cheecklist documents carried onboard by the flight crew may be delegated to the flight crew. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. The intent of this provision is to define the elements of a ZFTT program, which may be ioza by an Operator in conjunction with other training programs to qualify flight crew members e.

New IOSA checklists available in IQSMS | ASQS – Intuitive Quality & Safety Management

Checklizt Operations FLT 3. Minimum safe altitudes MSAs are typically established by the states over which flights are conducted. Training and, when applicable, a demonstration of competence in specified normal and non-normal procedures and maneuvers is applicable to all pilot crew members.

The intent of this provision is to ensure that the standards for flight crew training and evaluation are published or referenced in the Training Manual.

Such chexklist may include, but are not limited to: The specifications of this provision refer to a screening process for direct hire or upgrade to PIC. If an instrument approach is required into an airport for which the PIC has not made an actual approach, the PIC shall be accompanied by a pilot flight crew member or pilot observer on the flight deck who is qualified for the airport unless any of the following conditions exist: Such systems generally have: The specifications in item ii may require the operator to ipsa escape routes in the OM.


IOSA Checklist – Aviation Quality Services

Such evaluation applies to each operating pilot member of the flight crew, as required by the AFM. Retrieved from ” https: Such flexibility is normally incorporated in the training and evaluation program to allow for latitude in the trainee scheduling process. The intent of this provision is to ensure chevklist operations under VFR are practicable under anticipated meteorological conditions.

As such, the applicability of the specification is determined by requirements of the operator or the State. The specification in iossa i refers to the designation of exits for rapid deplaning or emergency evacuation, which typically considers: Iowa specification in item iii refers to appropriate communication from the flight crew to address the arming and disarming of cabin or cargo entry door slides, if installed.

Where an operator outsources flight operations functions to external service providers, an operator retains responsibility for the conduct of such functions and must demonstrate processes for monitoring applicable external service providers in accordance with FLT 1.

This provision requires guidance also be present in documents accessible to licensed maintenance technicians, if the exterior aircraft inspection is delegated in accordance with FLT 3. Monitoring and control of electronic navigation data products acquired from suppliers would also be in accordance with FLT 1.

A growing number of governments are planning to incorporate IOSA as part of their certification process. Refer to Guidance associated with GRH 4. The intent of this provision is to ensure flight crew members receive recurrent training and an evaluation in the subjects associated with the adverse weather or environmental conditions they may encounter in operations. The principal intent of this provision is to ensure the security of the flight deck, and refers specifically to aircraft that: