Download Ivo Andric – Put Alije Djerzeleza Short Description. Download Ivo Andric – Put Alije Djerzeleza. Ivo Andric was born in the village of Dolac, near Travnik, in His first novella, Put Alije Djerzeleza (The Trip of Alija Djerzelez), published in , early. Ivo Andric was born in the village of Trávnik in Bosnia (then in the Beginning with the short story ‘Put Alije Djerzeleza’ (, The Journey of Alija Djerzelez).

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A Zemka se umorila. On holidays, she would be led at daybreak to the early mass in the Latin Quarter, shrouded in a big shawl like a Turkish woman so that no one should recognize her.

Ivo Andric – Put Alije Djerzeleza – Free Download PDF

It is mirrored in the story of Mehmed Pasha Sokolli, who was taken from his Serbian mother by the Turks when pyt was a little boy and eventually became a vizer.

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After spending his youth in his native Bosnia, which was at the time part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, he studied philosophy at the Universities of Zagreb, Vienna, and Cracow.

Ivo Andric died on March 13, He forced himself to close his eyes, wishing to prolong this moment that was free of thought and desire, to rest as well as he could, like a man for whom a day was only a short pause and who had to anrric his journey.


Seeing her so young and full like a bunch of grape, he never for an instant doubted his rights; all he had to do was stretch out his hand! In Andric published another collection of stories, Lica Faces. His house in Travnik is now a Museum. About her beauty songs were sung all over Bosnia, but to her it was a source of unhappiness.

Ivo Andric – Put Alije Djerzeleza

After the Second World War, he spent most of his time in his Belgrade home, held ceremonial posts in the Communist government of Yugoslavia and was a Bosnia and Herzegovina parliamentarian.

He is quite baffled by more intricate social relationships and by the whole deeply disturbing question of zndric.

While at secondary school, he read Don Quixote and became interested in the work of August Strindberg. Those of you who want to look into the labyrinth of Balkan history will find this book very useful. There followed a long period in which Andric concentrated ivl the writing of short stories.

Minde ; Ivo Anric: After receiving a doctorate in letters from the University of Graz inhe entered the Yugoslav diplomatic service. Luca Toni rated it it was amazing Dec 24, andrci Knjiga napisana na naci na koji pise samo Andric He spoke absently, not moving.


Put Alije Đerzeleza

He has continued to reside in the Yugoslav capital. When Gavrilo Princip, a member of the group, assassinated Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria and his wife in Sarajevo inAndric was arrested as a conspirator and imprisoned and interned in various places until the Amnesty of And this hand he felt on his body, was it the hand of the woman?

These were written during WW2 while he was living quietly in Belgrade and published in Lists with This Book.

At the end of ivi war he published two books of lyrical prose – one of them entitled Nemiri Anxieties- which, written in the form of a diary, reflect Andric’s experiences of the war and his imprisonment. Novi val krvi zapqusnu. Try as he might, he could not collect himself. The true symbols in the book are the rich and detailed characters.

Other early literary efforts included also translations of Walt Whitman and of Strindberg. Choose another writer in this calendar: Sorlasair rated it it was amazing Jun 05, To find sjerzeleza more, including how to control cookies, see here: Uputio se nekim puteqcima prema drumu. Sara rated it really liked it Jun 04,