Rhonda Byrne is the author of the world renowned book The Secret, she was going through a tough time in a her life and her daughter gave her a book to read . (THIS BOOK IS IN HINDI LANGUAGE) Remember when you were a child and you believed that life was magical? Well, the magic of life is real. The Magic: Jaadu (Paperback) by Rhonda Byrne. Buy The Magic: Jaadu ( Paperback) online for Rs. () – Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery All Over India!.

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The focus of these was gratitude: I am a hronda soul. Average Rating Customers. Lists with This Book. SapnaOnline offers Free shipment all across India for orders above Rs and Global Shipment at the most economical cost. You have to talk about the good news of the day. It is an interactive journey designed to help you experience gratitude on a very deep level. Its a nice feeling. These books jaafu not just got me through all manner of tough circumstances, but they’ve given me many, many tools to brighten up literally everything around my life.

My general good health. And my expectations from ‘The Magic’ was huge. Since I jaaru the Secret, I’ve consistently kept a gratitude journal. I will be forever grateful to Rhonda Byrne for showing me how to express my gratitude. And if that leads them to really understand the power of their own hearts, then that is even better. I firstly named the obvious: By practicing gratitude on a daily basis, your gratitude WILL grow stronger.

The Magic (The Secret, #3) by Rhonda Byrne

This book just added to the bhrne of gratitude I practice daily. So firstly we should be thankful to Almighty Allah for everything we have, secondly say Thanks to all people even those who hurt you, who deceive you because actually they teach us how to live, they warn us from the monsters in real life. Finish the rest of the sentence with something – anything – that you’re grateful for.


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I had assumed this to continuation and repetition of all that had been previously relayed to the reader and, so, was pleasantly surprised to find that this instalment was in quite a different vein to its predecessors. Whatever you can ever dream of, whether it maybe money, health, fame, success, materials, peace, friends, relationship, friends, etc.

When we grow we put ourselves in huddle, take life so difficult and it make The magic by Rhonda Byrne can be summed up in two words “Be Grateful”. Goodreads helps you hronda track of books you want to read.

Mar 06, A. Nevertheless, Byrne is on to something important in this book, and I found that making myself slog through it helped me to get in touch with the power of gratitude to transform my experience jaady life.

Now I am on day This books goes so deep you’re going to end being thankful for the air you breathe The initial practice that continues for the rest of the book is to list ten things you’re thankful for in rhonra morning.

After explaining how the Law of Attraction works, and revealing how ‘like attracts like’ her amazing revelation is that the key to a truly abundant and happy life lies in the practice of gratitude. Only halfway through the book I began experiencing a magnificent renewal of passion for living and believe me, my life has been no bed of roses. This only heightened my already soaring happiness and has led to me, 28 days later, as a far more mindful, grateful, and content individual.

Aug 19, Jen Marin rated it liked it Shelves: Thanking what was out of my control helped me accept what was to come in the near future.

Following the exercises in The Magic will change this situation by helping us to monitor our thoughts easily and so, by building up gradually over the 28 days, new ways of thinking become part of everyday life, allowing us to see the things we normally take for granted in a totally different light. Do yourself a favor, and Pick up this book right now. So this is a good reminder to do it consciously.


A better job prospect and new opportunities that I had never before thought possible. Now I’ve finished the 28 day gratitude exercises, I feel really qualified to comment on how effective they were!

Not only that, but the author throws out ridiculous claims about studies that were done without any proof, and tells you to “rub your magic rock” without telling me how it works So far this book is a painful slog through a torturous marsh of tangled bydne.

Thinking about why we’re grateful for something really helps to focus our mind and experience real gratitude. It appears to be more of self-denial from my point of view.

View all 4 comments. Rhonda Byrne is the rnonda of the world renowned book The Secret, she was going through a tough time in a her life and her daughter gave her a book to read called The Science Of Getting Rich By Wallace D.

The Magic: Jaadu (Paperback)

And never forget those who help and support us in every difficult point of our lives. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to bring magic to their life. Rhonda Byrne is the lady who created the popular film and bestselling book, The Secret and her sequel book The Power.

But like all knowledge, unless we are practising it, it is completely redundant.

Well, it seemed rather absurd as i was reading it.