JASO D001-94 PDF

JASO D General Rules of Environmental Testing Methods for Automotive Revision: Edition, ; Published Date: January ; Status: Not Active, . simulate this condition include the U.S.’s ISO pulse 1 and 3a, and Japan’s JASO D, standard type B and E. Each peak voltage for these tests is. The MPG S21 has a built-in battery switch to interrupt the DC supply voltage and is specifically designed for JASO. D, test pulses E1 and E2.

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Take the specimen out of the chamber, remove water drops from its surface, if any, then keep it for 2 hours or more under room temperature, test it according to 5. Experimentally, it has been verified that under such condition, almost all the equipment has come to be dewed from the state of frost.

Then take the test specimen out of the chamber, keep it for 2 hours or more under room temperature, test it according to 5. TypeCandTypeF of above classified various transient voltages, the tests cover 5 ;that is, the resistance against mutual interference caused by inductive and capacitive combination between loading lines that are loaded in an operation of equipment, radiated electric noise interference from the magnetic inductive interference caused by alternator, ignition systems high tension codes, spark plug etc.

However, since there was not any testing specified in this standard, the minor deviation of testing voltage at which is important, it was decided to provide a provision to specify that the testing voltage shall be applied, which shall be monitored so as to be correct by means with any voltmeter of accuracy in the class of 0.

Make the temperature in the chamber gradually approached to a setting temperature specified in Table 7; and when the temperature has reached to the setting temperature, keep the specimen under the temperature during 1 I0.

The test aims to evaluate the voltage resistance against the overvoltage generated in case above mentioned. Exponentia function type decaying negative polarity transient voltage; however, for the equipment which is always connected to the power supply, the haso voltage shall be agreed between the persons concerned.

Confirm also the appearance, etc. Note 1 All resistance TypeBandTypeE Of major transient voltages classified in the foregoing, these tests are based on the assumption of 3 and 4 above; that is to say, these 2, transient voltages of negative polarity, that generate when inductive loads connected to the vehicle electric circuit are cut off, are assumed.


Some of them are already published data on electromagnetic environments and some others are summaries of test results obtained to establish this standard.

Major portions revised and matters discussed as problem at committee meeting 2 Testing items removed The revisions on this time were made based on the results of review of testing items covering the general requirements for environment and efforts to make the format and style of this standard in better order so as to make it in accordance with JIS 2 as well as the modification made as the results of comparison with the similar international d01-94.

However, since d001-944 JIS C was abolished after the JIS C and C coordinated with IEC and had been enacted, it was decided to review the standards and code to be referred therein and to describe the operations required of the test concretely. Equipment to be installed at or near the high temperature portion or other special portion.

JASO D001-94

Record the characteristics of the equipment accordingly. Although it is desirable that the test apparatus shown in Fig. Environmental Protection Agency “Broad cast radiation how safe is safe? Definitions Definitions of major terms used in this standard are as follows: Capacity 15OpF of the capacitor C and value of resistance R are specified based on the electrostatic discharge equivalent circuit of the human body and conformity with IS0 standard.

The jasso results are proper to the set test conditions, and it is difficult to evaluate as normal characteristics of a specimen.

The class 3 carry out according to necessary condition. Further, measuring accuracy and reproducibility of TEM cell test method using the reference sample, that careful consideration is necessary on the following points: Confirm the appearance, etc. Lower the temperature inside the chamber gradC ually, when it has reached to – 30 Okeep the equipment for 1 -t 0.

In the necessary case, the testing conditions severity of the shock, height of drop, etc. Power supply device Power source supply device from which required DC power is stably available battery and any other similar equipment, the internal impedance of which is so low as same as the batterythe supplied voltage is variable within a range from 8 to 38V, the voltage fluctuation of the power supplied is f within a jasi of k 0.

Equipment installed in the vehicle compartment and the trunk room, other than class 4.


Appearance and other conditions of the equipment at that time shall also be confirmed. Values in are reference values for the resistor power ratings.

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Thereafter, successively record the characteristics of the equipment, according to above mentioned 1 or D0019-4 also 2. Logarithmic conical spiral Transmitting antenna: It was also decided that should it be essentially required to do so, the testing conditions testing time, cycling etc.

It is considered not necessary for the equipment to be installed inside car room to be immmersed in oil. In addition, grounding of whole test devices is necessary in order to the stabilization of reference potential and the safety during tests. However, the test may be carried out by means of the method as specified hereunder.: To measure the electric field strength by installing an EM1 meter or spectrum analyzer at the location of the test specimen: This deviation may be increased about d001-4 by variation of the test conditions.

Example of material measurement of samples having connecting lead wire Twin cord without shield Ferrite tube: A power supply device, input device s and loading devices s. Moreover, in case of the equipment in 24V system, two different kinds of the testing circuits on which the voltage shall be applied for a duration of time so long as equal to 60 times shall be constructed, subject to the voltage condition being same as it of 5.

Particularly, strong electromagnetic e001-94 that occur near radio transmission facilities represented by broadcasting stations, those which generated around the vehicle body by the operation on board radio of transmitter represented d001–94 transceiver, and troubles caused by interferences resulted jao high frequency voltages, etc.


Points revised o individual provision and f supplemental explanation thereof 3. Examples o f measurement of distribution of electric field strength in TEM cell 1 Location of the test reference measuring device 2 Location of the test reference measuring device is varied in horizontal direction is varied in vertical direction al 90mm e 7 7 b3: Therefore, for the each, the general method to be applicable to electronic equipment for automobile has been specified as a representative requirement.

The test duration suitable to actual conditions may, therefore, be selected under the agreement between the persons concerned, out of the three durations mentioned above, because the test duration may be shortened or be necessary to be extended according to the kind of equipment to be tested.

The test order of setting temperature is not particularly specified.

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