Jayakirana Epaper: JayaKirana is a popular Kannada language daily newspaper that is published from Mangalore and Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka, in. Phone, Suggest a phone number Jayakirana daily Kannada news paper. likes. Posts about Jayakirana daily Kannada news paper. There are no stories . Marati abcd since. Udayavani epaper login uttara kannada july newspaper office. Advertisement schedule mkcl sarva in jayakirana newspaper was years.

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I request our muslim brothers to present our relgion with the teachings of our Prophet Mohammad PBUH But unfortunately we never follow his Sunna or Teachings and we argue with people who no nothing about ISLAM, its Teachings about rights of women about the rights of men the way of living about the scientific evidences mention in our Holy Quran which has been only revealed by the scientists recently in few years?

Everybody is working hard to earn money so people have to struggle. This is barbaric incident. I strongly condemns such acts and authorities have put an end to such type of menace with iron hand. Justification left right and centre!!

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This is truly shame to the peace loving people of Mangalore. Why always target Ram Sene and Sangh Parivar as if other people are saints. Most of the time they are pointed to religion or the parties. A staff member said that there were more than 10 miscreants in the group and most of them had used cloth pieces as masks.

Enter the characters in the image. What does it indicate. Where are they now? But when there was proof of your so called hindu culture saver Attaver was arrested. You call sister and you start burning them. What is the difference between circulation and readership in Newspaper?


Best discounted rate for Jaya Kirana – Mangalore would depend on the ad size and advertiser category. Contact us for the best advertising rate for Newspaper ads. Laxmi, Mangalore Tue, Mar 2 These radicals do not believe in democracy. Grab hold of them, bundle and throw to Arabian sea.

The fire was doused immediately by the firemen and this helped contain papfr damage. Crust of the problem is the minorities do not endorse sangh parivar as political party in papre democratic set up.

Only a practicing Hindu can raise any doubts within his forum. May God bless you. Gifted theater and cine actor Lokanath passes away at Further updates are awaited. Please write your correct name and email address.

Nazia,dxb, Mangalore Tue, Mar 2 If this is done by muslims ,i request them not to do so have patience. Anwar M, Mangalore Tue, Mar 2 While the attack itsef is condemnable and serves no purpose, it is interesting to see pseudo-nationalists cry hoarse about this attack, Aren’t these the same people who clapped when attacks on innocents by the Sangh Parivar took place with unfailing regularity, including one recently in Ullal where even little children were not spared just because they hapened to belong to the muslim community?

I wanna see wat u have to comment at tht time. This clearly exposes their double standard and appeasement of minorities.

Shoot at sight when you witness any such impending attack. We know Ram Sene and what it stands for.

Jayakirana Daily

It will emerge one day as it did in the case of ‘ Attavar” a man with heinous deed in the name of religion. Give your love to them and they will give their blood in protecting india and all our country people. Let’s see if ‘self-hating, delusional’ groups realize this simple truth. No one has the right to do such activities. Ismail bhai perinja,mai insaniyath ka refer kartha hoon. Truth is bitter and some people could not digest it, so they came on to the streets like mad dogs barking and biting.


So just wait and see Enter the security validation. Jaya Kirana – Mangalore Advertising Details. Guys join the Sangh Parivar and change them.

JayaKirana epaper: Online Jaya Kirana Newspaper Kannada Daily

It is nothing but politics- ‘divide and rule’. After the attack all the culprits, excluding lathief, were eloped from the scene to different ppaer. Daily ‘Beef Sukka’ ha.

Ali, I agree with you. I am peace loving person. Peaceful protest and strike are allowed. It is only the gullible who are cowards try to put the blame on others. Live happily with no conflicts.


Fahim Akthar, Bunder, Mangalore Tue, Mar 2 cool they jayaklrana this, they know about things will happen after publish unwanted articlenext time think twice before u publish Look at the statues in some of the ancient temples, they are very filthy that you cannot even go with your family to those temples just tell me what is wrong in painting a nude god?

Either for a religious or for a political cause, one is going too wild forgetting the aim. This is the right reward for them. You have characters left.