Jivan-mukti-viveka of Swami Vidyaranya has 9 ratings and 2 reviews. Aravind said: I began reading this book after a basic introduction of Advaita from Ka. I have just received notification of the webinars which are being run by Chinmaya International Foundation. These are conducted on-line with. This book is a new translation of Jivanmukti Viveka by Vidyaranya by Swami Harshananda, Ramakrishna Math, Bangalore. This translation is.

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Discrimination, as applied to the former, may run thus: Jivvanmukti is that modification of the mind which sets one singing the praises of such objects.

Jivanmukti Viveka – Vidyaranya

The fragrance is wafted on every breeze that passes. If you say they were learned in some lore other than Brahma-vidya, we say no; for, questions and answers exchanged in the progress of the debate refer distinctly to Brahman. The ” doubts ” referred to in the text are as follow: The Truth being once realized by one who having reached the last stage of renunciation, has, through clever practice of Yoga, gained complete mastery over his mind; he cannot disengage his consciousness even for a moment from the Truth, like the 4 26 said woman not forgetting her paramour even for a second.

M K marked it as to-read Jun 16, Hence it follows that the present form of impure t’dsand found in ourselves should be carefully diagnosed, even like the faults we carp at in others, and that we should at once apply ourselves to the remedy of the disease. If it is Brahman, can it be grasped by the intellect? The reply is jivznmukti follows: Here all intercourse dependent on body and senses does exist ; mountains, rivers, etc.


Then is explained the nature of Jivan. Thus, it is clear that both these renouncers are included in the jovanmukti description Parama-hamsa.

jivanmukti viveka | Advaita Vision

He is the ” Jivanmukta” He is awake because all his senses beginning with the eyes exist in their proper place, and have not ceased to act. Such a one is called Jivanmukta” The flu shing of the face means joy.

It should, how- ever, not be supposed that dissolution of mind alone will do, and that destruction of latent desire is a mere superfluity; for, the mind being called again into being, by the force of Neces- sity about to apportion out some fruition or other, destruction of latent desire would stand in good stead as preventing the faster kind of bondage from being generated in the process.

It is of two kinds: Will Newman marked it as to-read Apr 06, If it is the first, you must constantly have before your mind the idea that such pride will somewhere be crushed out under superior power.

Attend, every way, to thy own good, what ‘ can the many-tongued world do to thee? And jivanmuktj is the good of it, even if it were possible and accomplished?

Hence one beyond the gunah is he who is not of the world, in other words, who is a Jivanmukta. The second reference also means that the acts of one devoted to the real world of dtmari never fail him like ordinary acts of devotion by bringing about this or that particular result, but lead him to that self-realization which is the sum of all that can be desired. These cruel, hating, inauspi- ” cious, low animals, I ever consign in this world to ” Life of the Lower Self.


He becomes that ” which he identifies himself with, by force of strong ” jivnmukti deep attachment, and loses, oh strong-armed “one! He lived in the fourteenth century.

The verse quoted puts it that the sense of non-attachment being firm, sannydsa jivan,ukti be entered upon oven before marriage, or, indeed, at any time. One who exhalts himself to the ecstacy of concentration, has so much control over his mind as not to 27 allow it to take on the form of anything, and gives up there- fore all the three kinds of desires.

Jivan-mukti-viveka of Swami Vidyaranya

Whence it is inferred that it possesses the three forms: The ‘good course ‘ consists in meditation on the import of sacred texts, on some god, and the like. The sruti has it ” know well that dtman alone, give up all other speech. A S rated it it was amazing Feb 01, Firstly, the English translation jivanmkti easy to understand and precise! It has well been said: Bliss is heaven, and the highest of all bliss liberation.

Ecstacy is confirmed when carried on with long continuous and ardent application. I ” have found the Light! Or lastly, if even in our temporal affairs, vegetable, soup, rice, and the like were served out one every day, a dinner will certainly not have been given.