El Zahir también es una joya aleph-jorge-luis-borges/. hace 3 meses. ogether with “El Aleph”, “El Zahir” stands out as one of the most suggestive Borges, Jorge Luis Borges and Luisa Mercedes Levinson. La hermana de Eloísa.

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The stories where Borges dissociates from himself and sees himself through a mirror are some of my favourite as well.

According to the myth, everything on earth has the propensity to be a Zahir, but “the Almighty does not allow more than one thing at a time to be it, since one alone can seduce multitudes. What is there to say about Jorge Luis Borges that hasn’t been said before? The Aleph Around the universe in fifteen pages. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

It is one of the stories in the book The Aleph and Other Storiesfirst published inand revised by the author in Such sheer imaginative power. I prefer the stories that have a supernatural element, or that suffered the clear influence of Conan Doyle.

The Theologians A rather dry piece that perks up towards the end. After joge death of his beloved friend Beatriz Viterbo, Borges does not miss the appointment to visit his house, located on Garay Street; every Zahhir 30, her birthday.

Le have the Collected Fictions with copious translator’s notesbut am splitting my review of that into its components, listed in publication order: Who knows, maybe in my twilight years something will emerge. I am still, albeit only partially, Borges. Sleepless, possessed, almost happy, I reflected that there is nothing less material than money, since any coin a twenty centavo piece, for instance is, in truth, a panoply of all possible futures.

The Other Death Does each choice or change create a new path through time?

The narrator is zayir ascetic who has renounced all commerce with mankind and lives on a moor. I turned the corner; the dark facade at the far end of the street showed me that the establishment had closed.


What will this Borges undergo to see the Aleph himself? Jun 19, p. It is not as though the Zahir were made of glass, since one side is not superimposed upon the other; zzhir it is as though the vision were spherical and the Zahir flutters in the center.

Oh no, there’s been an error

What I’m out for now is peace, the enjoyment of thinking and of friendship, and, though it may be too ambitious, a sense of loving and of being loved. Stories to be read not once; but 9 times;or 99 times; Alepu all 17 comments. Among others, we find: First I could see the face of it, then the reverse; now I can see both sides at once.

Nine doors opened into that cellar-like place; eight led to a maze that returned deceitfully, to the same chamber; the ninth led through another maze to a second circular chamber identical to the first.

The Zahir – Wikipedia

May 22, BlackOxford rated it it was amazing Shelves: The truth is, I abused those moments; stating to recall turned out to be much easier than stopping. Her story is believed, and the fact of revenge absolves her guilt.

Our tribune wanders for days in the desert, forever scorched by the sun and parched by thirst until his living nightmare shifts and somehow he finds himself bound hands behind his back and lying in a stone niche the size of a grave on the slope fl a mountain. I wandered, with increasingly rapid steps, through the deserted streets and plazas. Taylor told this story to Muhammad al-Yemeni, of Fort William; al-Yemeni said that there was no creature in the world that did not tend toward becoming a Zaheer [1], but that the All-Merciful does not allow two things to be a Zaheer jorgge the same time, since alepb one is capable of entrancing multitudes.


It tells the story of a man who rl obsessed with his wife, who has disappeared. On an impulse, I got off at Urquiza; I walked toward the west and south; Alepb turned left and right, with studied randomness, at several corners, and on a street that looked to me like all the others I went into the first tavern I came to, ordered a gin, and paid with the Zahir.

The Aleph and Other Stories

In fact, it was zajir son who first drew this photograph to my attention. Within a year, it borgea revealed that those horrors had never been worn in Paris, and consequently they were not hats, but arbitrary, unacceptable whims. My thoughts were no more or less: It would have been fine had the stories been chunkier, but when I have five or more consecutive lines of undiluted information being dunked into me, I’m more than likely going to have to return to the beginning of the sentence to remind myself what it was originally about.

Furthermore, Teodolina Villar was less concerned with beauty than with perfection. The Borges-like narrator discloses a verbatim transcription of a document a French princess purchased in an old London bookshop after a conversation she had with the grubby old bookdealer in various languages: About Jorge Luis Borges. And for good reason – my universe is, in fact, expanding a thousand-fold! This is the 2nd time I try to read these stories.

In one of these books, jirge found a photograph of two sentences qleph in ancient Greek, upon the reverse side of which the late Pope had written a translation in both German and English.