Download scientific diagram | 1: Location of Kalabagh Dam from publication: Feasibility study of Kalabagh dam Pakistan | Kalabagh Dam is among the. “Technically it is possible to construct the Kalabagh Dam, and the concerns of Sindh and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa [about the dam] have already. HYDERABAD: Qaumi Awami Tehreek President Ayaz Latif Palijo said on Sunday that building the Kalabagh Dam is tantamount to a death.

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Pakistan portal Water portal Renewable energy portal. Since the completion of Tarbela dam inno mega dam has been constructed in Pakistan, whereas the population of the country has tripled in the last 44 years. KBD is the only solution to harness the Monsoon rains flows of Swat and Kabul Rivers that contribute heavily to the flood havoc as in Messi rejects Ronaldo’s challenge.

Sindh apprehends that canals proposed to be taken off from KBD will result in reduced water supply to Sindh are unfounded.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Taking this into account, Kalabagh dam is the most appropriate option to deal with the wastage of millions of acres of water during the monsoon season. KBD orifice spillway has crest level at feet which has the potential of flushing of sediments from reservoir, while at BD spillway crest is kalbagh 3, da, with full pond klabagh at feet, no flushing advantage is available due to its height.

Kashmir Watch 26 September The provincial assemblies of three out of the four provinces have passed resolutions against the construction of the Kalabagh dam for a variety of reasons.

For instance, the assembly of the North Western Frontier Province now Khyber Pakhtunkhwa rejected Kalabagh dam because it feared that Nowshera would be submerged under water if the dam was constructed.

The outcome is most unfortunate, likely to rob Sindh of its most likely unbelievable improvement in agriculture. At this point in Pakistan’s history, previous dam projects such as Mangla under Ayub Khan and Tarbela under Zulfikar Ali Bhutto never faced any opposition.


Kalabagh Dam

All parties urged to agree on Kalabagh dam – The Express Tribune”. Besides India established flood control system and constructed Km long lndra Gandhi Canal to irrigate deserts in north western and western Rajisthan carrying water from Beas and Sutlej Rivers in Punjab. Reduced water supply in downstream areas in Punjab and Sindh will lead to salination of potable water at even lower depths creating shortage of drinking water availability for Punjab and Sindh.

It does not include transmission line cost. Among them were Engr. Sharjeel The Express Tribune”. Siltation of Tarbela, Chashma and Mangla Dams reservoirs is fast reducing their water storage capacity which will have adverse effects on water supply for irrigation everywhere. Only Punjab favours the construction kalabaagh Kalabagh dam, as it expects the easing of electricity shortages and the availability of more water for agriculture.

The Diamar-Basha dam is another option, but cannot match the feasibility of the Kalabagh project. Sindh will in fact be the biggest gainer as under the Water Accord its share was increased to 37pc from 34pc by reducing Punjab share from 40pc to 37pc. If KBD does not materialise good agricultural land in Sind the province will become barren due to lack of water reservoir and storage and siltuation of Tarbela, Chashma and Mangla Reservoir.

Notwithstanding, construction of any canals by any province would not increase its share of water. Omar for renewal of Iran-Pak MW electricity import agreement.

Conflict dynamics of Kalabagh Dam

Dams on the Indus River. Retrieved 29 September It is only a question of according priority to KBD, for it will be completed within six years and benefits in the form of water reservoir and saving of flood water deluge damage will be saved, generating direly needed hydel energy.

Retrieved from ” https: The KBD construction got kalabwgh due to India sponsored lobby. Vast areas under irrigation at present may become barren, converting it into desert. Others like Sharjeel Memon have claimed Benazir was against its construction. Three major realities shape the conflict dynamics of Kalabagh dam.


Retrieved 6 June Intensely debated, if constructed the dam generate 3, MW of electricity; however, the greater benefits would be to tackle the “severe water crises” in the country [1] Pakistan Economy Watch has demanded a national debate on the KBD issue. Besides miles of river belt in lower Sindh, flowing into the sea remains dry for nearly 8 months.

Daily Times 10 August Due to certain violations of the Indus Accord by the Punjab province, reservations in Sindh grew against the project, whose population and political leaders now painted it as a conspiracy.


KBD on completion will start facilitating availability of resources through saving in financial drain on national economy, to finance BD, which will take about ten years to build and will be helpful in ialabagh much needed water reservoir and hydel generation of electricity.

It has not added a single major reservoir to meet escalating irrigating and power needs. Despite the political roadblocks, the World Bank and foreign consultants continued their work on Kalabagh, over a period of ten years, up to when the project was finally put on hold. No delay is anticipated for provision of infrastructure.

Retrieved 11 July Retrieved 8 July Additional specialists were invited for giving their views on selected topics, where needed. Moreover, 30 MAE water flowing down to sea below Kotri will be kaabagh because of water storage reservoir availability facilitating water supply regulation.

Retrieved 22 June — via ResearchGate.