Estimation, Rate Analysis & Tender Evaluation software fully customized new SCR (Schedule Of Rates) based on Radha Krishna Committee Report. TOP. Government of Karnataka has now proposed to take up KSHIP- II to further improve state viz EPC contracts (conventional item rate contract) and Annuity contracts. ADB Mission has proposed the following tentative timeline schedule for. If looking for the book Karnataka Pwd Electrical Schedule Of Rates in Schedule of Rates WRD Karnataka | Construction Aggregate.

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Providing and Laying 20mm thick cement plaster of specified mix in single coat including finishing even and smooth and curing oc all complete. TOR are prepared in consultation with the concerned department.

Aggregate at site i For 53 mm maximum size 63 mm to 45 mm 33 per cent Stone boulders with least dimension of mm Stone spalls of minimum size 25 mmsqm1. Information is provided on the district’s history, administration, tourism, politics, geography, personalities, police and education.

Providing and Laying white or colored or ceramic glazed tiles of size mm x mm Special colour black, burgundy, pink, midnight blue, alpine blue or equivalent in skirting, risers of steps and Dados on 12mm thick cement plaster 1cement, 3coarsed sand 1: New surface Providing and distempering with oil bond washable acrylic distemper on old surface of approved brand and manufacture to give an even shade including preparation of surface etc complete. Form KM1 is provided by the Transport Department of Karnataka to intimate about the loss, mutilation, destruction of Driving Licence and to apply for duplicate licence.

The detailed designs and estimates are submitted by the firms along with their tender for checks by the Department.

Epoxy including 10 per cent wastage Applying epoxy mortar over leached, honey combed and spalled concrete surface and exposed steel reinforcement complete as per Technical Specification Epoxy resin-hardener mix for prime coat Epoxy mortar Epoxy resin -hardener mix for seal coat. Users can also download forms, avail online services, etc. Providing and fixing spring hinges double action with necessary screws of mm size of M.

Website of Karnataka Public Works Ports & Inland Water Transport Department

Frequency of such tests to be carried out must not be less than pw prescribed frequencies. S grills in timber frames of windows with M. Site accommodation, setting up plant, access road, water supply, electricity and general site arrangements.


Pile diameter mm metre Stone crusher dust finer than 3mm with not more than 10 per cent passing 0.

Aggregates like brick metal, kankar, laterite etc. Aluminium Strips or 4. C, protruding 1 mm to 4 mm over mastic surface, all complete as per clause Providing U shaped drain of 23cm ht x 23 cm width of internal dimension with 1: S Each Each Transportation of Transit Mixer 4.

Clayey soil 8m dia. Published on Apr View Download I A i ii iii Ordinary soil Manual Means upto 3 m depth 3 m to 6 m depth Above 6 m depthcum cum cum You can find information on the Gangavathi City Municipal Council and its various activities in the area.

The rates at which the machineries and equipments are available for hire in the market have been adopted for the analysis. Applicant must read the form carefully and fill up as per the given instructions. For comprehensive items, quantities of aggregates, screenings, granular materials and binding materials etc. The economic survey reports are also available. Construction of Median and Island with Soil Taken from Roadway Cutting Construction of Median and Island above road level with approved material deposited at site from roadway cutting and excavation for drain and foundation of other structures, spread, graded and compacted as per clause Construction of Median and Island with Soil Taken from Borrow Areas Construction of median and Island above road level with approved material brought from borrow pits, spread, sloped and compacted as per clause Construction of Shoulders Earthen Shoulders: Soft rock 9m dia well Depth upto 3m Hard rock 9m dia well Depth of hard rock strata upto 3 m Sinking of 10 m external diameter well other than pneumatic method of sinking through all types of strata namely sandy soil, clayey soil and rock as shown against each case, complete as per drawing and technical specifications.

Copper Strips Reinforcement strips 60 mm wide 5 mm thick as per clause In case of civil works required to be executed for these installations, pricing may be done as per rates in relevant chapters for quantities derived approved design and drawing.


Welcome to KEA Website

Providing and laying Hume pipe semicircular drain 23 cm internal dimension 1: Providing fitting and fixing in position of fully paneled shutters in windows and doors of champ timber or equivalent including steel butt hinges screws 12mm thick panels etc complete.

Wall Floor slab, roof slab, landing, balcony and access platform. Before making any payment it will be the responsibility of the officer making payment to ensure that all tests as per prescribed frequencies have been carried out. Brick masonry work in cement mortar 1: Find information on Karnataka state government, legislation, departments, boards, organizations etc.

Terminal post to be embedded in M 15 gradecementconcretefoundation x x mm depthstrengthened by a strut of RS joist x 75 mm, 2 m long at inclination and a tie x 8 mm, 1.

Standard Schedule of Rates, Schedule for Electrical, Road and Bridge Works

Providing and fixing to existing door shutter 40 mm thick Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester FRP paneled door shutter of required colour and approved brand and manufacture, made with fire-retardant grade unsaturated polyester resin, moulded to 3 mm thick FRP laminate for forming hollow rails and schedulf, with karnataak blocks ppwd seasoned wood inside at required placed for fixing and fittings, cast monolithically with 5 mm thick FRP laminate for panels confirming to TADS 6: C squatting pan Orissa pan mm size with mm SCI Sand cast iron P or Strap, 10 ltr low level flushing cistern with fittings, CI brackets, 32mm flush pipe with fittings and clamps, 20mm overflow pipe, cutting and making good the wall and floor etc complete.

Extra for making chequers of approved pattern in C.

Bitumen Filler lime Sand of size 4. Joint sealant Sealant primer Plastic sheath,1. Embankments exceeding 3 meters height or Not less then Embankment Construction with Material Obtained from Borrow Pits Construction of embankment with approved material ov from borrow pits with all lifts and leads, transporting to site, spreading, grading to required slope and compacting to meet requirement of table sqm