With Josh Grelle, Cherami Leigh, Robert McCollum, Mark Stoddard. Yagami Kazuma was part of a family of fire users, the Kannagi family. But with no talent in . Kazuma Yagami is the black sheep of the Kannagi family and the main male protagonist of the series. After serious training in China, he returns to Japan as an. Ayano Kannagi is the main female protagonist of the series. She is the future head of the Kannagi family, the inheritor of Enraiha and the daughter of the current.

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However, the only person that Kazuma wants to fight is his father, the strongest Enjutsu user and whom he later defeats in a duel.

While it was for his own good as he wouldn’t have been in a very good position if he had stayed a Kannagi, as far as he knew his parents simply abandoned him because he was weak, after which he vowed to become stronger.

He thinks things through carefully and frequently proves himself to be the smarter of the two as well as the more stlgma. Ayano and Kazuma get set up on a date at an amusement park by Ayano’s father under the guise of an investigationwhere three peeping toms prove no match for Ayano’s rage.

Kazuma is shown throughout the series to be bitter, rude and selfish, which stems from constant harsh treatments by the Kannagis due to his inability to use fire magic and his subsequent disownment.

Several killings in the Kannagi house committed by a powerful wind user leads his former family, the Kannagi house, into believing Kazuma is taking revenge for his exile. Kazuma is also the only person she sees as stronger in power and presence than even her own father. Ren 24 episodes, Eri Taruta as Lady ep Mark Stoddard as Genma Kannagi. Frontier Works Online Editing: Ayano’s friends follow in disguise to snoop on her date and in the meantime take a batch of photos.


Seeing Kazuma and Ayano grow closer as the series progresses is a lot of fun especially considering how exasperating and hot headed Ayano can be!

In a last-ditch attempt, Kazuma prepares to activate his contract. Kazuma no longer desired power and along with working part-time at a restaurant with her, took up a job as a freelancerdoing simple odd jobs.

Meanwhile, Kirika calls for Kazuma to regroup at the Kannagi’s place to discuss further plans.

Kaze no Stigma (TV) – Anime News Network

Game Reviews Columns incl. Yoshimi Sugiyama Special Effects: However, sometimes Ayano feels jealous of him when Ren demonstrates techniques that she can’t use or had no prior knowledge of. Kinji, a student of an elite academy that produces Butei – highly skilled soldiers who fight crime in an tsigma society, kae attacked by a criminal who hunts Butei members. In the anime, Kazuma is usually depicted as only injuring or incapacitating his opponents, while their actual deaths are usually the result of their own schemes backfiring on them.

He is also brutally honest and prone to making harsh but true comments about everyone and everything, particularly the Kannagis and their methods. He is especially protective of Ren, whom he still considers his brother despite saying the Kannagis aren’t his family anymore, with a threat to Ren’s safety being one of the few things that sgigma bring Kazuma out of his apathy. This “Angel of Death” has a name: Takashi Nagasako as Terrorist ep Tsuchimikado Harutora was born into the prestigious Onmyoji family, but can’t see “spirit energy”.

Soushi Shiihara Recording Assistant: He had been suffering from Leukemia.

Michael Harley informs Misao that she will never be able to defeat Kazuma, and subsequently uses Misao’s body and her accumulated life energy to create a dragon. Stigma of the Wind is an anime series directed by Jun’ichi Sakata and produced by Gonzo. He is tall around 5’10 with brown hair, pale skin and orange-brown eyes, which turn blue when he uses his Contractor powers.

Kaze no Stigma – Kouen no Miko manga. Mary Morgan as Chizura ep Kaze no Stigma is quite a fun and endearing anime despite the description of the manga as being significantly darker.


CCR ep 11 Color Inspection: Further story arcs revolve around Kazuma, Ayano and Ren and the growing relationship between them. Kaze no Stigma Cover of the first light novel volume Kindle edition. Kazuma sees a girl that appears to be Tsui Ling after defeating one of the new mages.

Stigma of the Wind (TV Series – ) – IMDb

Ren Kannagi – Ayano cares a great deal for her younger cousin, who look up to her in return, affectionately calling her ‘Nee-sama’. Yota Stima Director of Photography: CCR ep 11 Cooperation: Unfortunately for him, the gift seems to have skipped a generation. Tsubasa Iwata as Fuga Clan Member ep 3. Search for ” Kaze no stigma ” on Amazon. Overall, I recommend the series.

Stigma of the Wind

Seiichi Hachiya Yosuke Nishiyama Recording: Yuji is returning from school when suddenly time stops and monsters appear to devour people. Another year of anime has come and gone, leaving so many memories in its sgigma.

At Pandemonium, Utsumi tells Bernhardt that he wants to take over and that he will kill Bernhardt. Ayano is also shown to be very naive, especially when it comes to anything involving her family; whenever a problem arises for the family, Ayano is usually unable to see that it was the very policies of the Kannagi family that caused the problem in the first place, believing that there is nothing wrong with the way the Kannagis do things.

After four years he returns to Japan as a powerful wind user. Masaki Terasoma as Juugo Kxze. Cover of the first light novel volume Kindle edition. She temporarily ztigma the Azure Flames when Kazuma’s Contractor magic combined with hers during their fight against Michael.