Korg’s -S^GS uses eight digitally encoded waveforms having we complex DW- Basic Functions This manual covers the followmg basic functions. $oiin£l. Download Service manual & Owner’s Manual for Korg DW Programmable Digital Waveform Synthesizer, musical instruments. | Visit SynthXL for more. KORG ID 42H. FORMAT ID 30H .. When using a computer for DW control and commu- nications, a system . UPPER CASE. UPPER CASE SUPPORT.

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The higher the value, the faster the speed.

In this case you will want to use the remote keyboard to control everything including program number changes and joystick effects.

Selected parameter number shown here. Page 55 aaow NDissv You can then use a footswitch to ad- vance from one sound to the next, as you manuak it. Q If using a multi-track digital sequencer, you can set the DW to receive on a particular channel and have it play a different part from other synth. Adjust the tape recorder’s recording level as you would manjal refer to tape recorder’s in- struction manual.

See “Performance Features” for details. Depressing the footswitch has the same effect as keeping keys depress- ed on the keyboard. Switch Pressing this switch enables a memory write opera- tion so that you can store the currently sounding pro- gram in program memory. Experiment with different combinations of sounds and detuning on the two synths.

Korg developed DWGS to provide a higher level of realism and richness together with the ease of operation of conventional analog processing.


Excessive force may cause damage. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. You will not get a ” Good ” message if tlie recorded data is dilierent In any way from ttie data in the DW’s in- i temal memory. I Has two Digital Oscillators per voice. You have three choices which correspond to IB’ 16 footS’4′.

You have eight basic waveforms to choose from. Sending data on channels Don’t show me manula message again. Changing the 0SC1 oscillator 1 waveform. Westbury, New York 1 Phone: An LED dot lights up to in- dicate that the bank num- ber 2 will not change. That means that you now have the same sound at the old and new program number. The lower the value, the more harmonics are cutoff, so the sound becomes progressively rounder or less bright.


When you want to store a sound, you must assign it a pro- gram number. Writing Proflfams How to store sounds in the DW’s program memory. So the MIDI format was developed. It is especially effective when both outputs Okrg and L are used for stereo reproduction, or listening through stereo headphones.

Peirformance Effects How to use effects such as Pitch bend, modulation and porta- mento wtiile playing.

Korg DW | Sound Programming

This is used to allow instruments manuql work off the same out- put signal. Giving the sound a program num- ber and storing it in meroory. Page 4 “guitar” such as plugs, the cable supplied with this instru- output connections ment, rear input DW This stored note data can then be played back, reproducing the original note sequence on the DW-6C MSB will be recognized.


But that alone does not change the stored Key Assign mode.

Korg DW-6000 Owner’s Manual

This resets the computer circuits to their initial state so perform- ance should return to normal. The DW uses two DWGS oscillators per voice so you can mix different waveforms in variable proportions to create even more complex and unusual sounds.

You may need a plug adaptor or special connection cord If the input jack is not the usual “mini jack” size. In the mono mode, only one note will be played at a time, even if receiving multiple note data.

Connect the audio signal outputs of both units to amp or mixer inputs. Because all six voices are automatically detuned when this mode is selected, this produces a very fat, rich sound. Results may be unpredictable If more units are used. If BANK HOLD is on, then it advances within the bank that is, the left digit does not change but the right digit goes in a loop from 1 up to 8 and then starts over from 1etc.

C5ECAV J I – S3 These two envelope generators control the “contour” or Ganges over time, in terms of the sound’s attack, sustain, decay, and other dynamic characteristics of each programmed sound. Computer Tape decks, radio- cassette recorders, or tape recorders.