William Peter Blatty’s director’s cut of “The Exorcist III” which was thought to be lost. its original title, this is the definitive cut of the film based on his novel ” Legion”. Written by: David Blackthorn After the events in the previous novel The Exorcist, Blatty brings Kinderman back for another well written tale. In my quest to find the ultimate horror novel, I gave William Peter Blatty, another sacred monster of the genre, a try. After all, his novel LEGION.

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He’s just all around swell, well read and smart.

William Peter Blatty on “The Exorcist”. We all remember the bizarre and relentless Lieutenant Kinderman from the original story. Dec 09, Charlie Collins rated it liked it Shelves: The original book was excellent and deserves mention as one of the finest horror stories of all time.

Electrons traveled from point to point without ever traversing the space between. Oct 21, The Face of Your Father rated it it was amazing. Why does each victim suffer the same dreadful mutilations? William Peter Blatty was an American writer and filmmaker.

Legion by William Peter Blatty

The main character of Det. I do legio, however, expect my friend Aileene – whom I encouraged to read this novel with me – to be as forgiving. The book doesn’t hold back on the violence level seen after the fact. A polished supernatural mystery with an easy reading style that keep the pages turning. Then followed by different killings and all these pointed to the works of a serial killer called Gemini.

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Commencing on the 25th of August. A Novel 50th Anniversary Edition.

View all 8 comments. Legion gets 5 stars out of 5 from me! Tor Books Publication Date: Fate and The Exorcist: Ever read a Michael Crichton book? Un One by one the bizarre murders frustrate and torment Lt. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger.

I know you thought it would be about a demon Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. And what drove me up the wall was the demon had just daddy issues. It’s the feeling that you get when someone you absolutely detest is having a wonderful time without you. This is a topic that I’ve always found very intriguing and one that I probably think a lot about myself. I had no choice but to finish the damn book coz I know I’m going to cop it if I drop it midway.

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I love the second one too. A boy, crucified; a priest, decapitated; another priest slain; a nurse, slaughtered — all bear the Zodiac mark of the Gemini Killer. But it was all so confusing, such a mess the Creator made man to know right from wrong, to feel outrage at all that was monstrous and evil; yet the scheme of creation itself was outrageous. Second Dream Boy Cherie Baron Kinderman ends by concluding that he believes the Big Bang was Lucifer falling from heaven, and that the entire Universe, including humanity, are the broken parts of Lucifer, and that evolution is the process of Lucifer putting himself back together as an angel.


I do recommend reading the predecessor first, because a few fairly major plot points will have willim lot more meaning and be much more interesting if you’ve first read The Exorcist. As someone who loves serial killers and murder mysteries, the storyline of Legion was a page-turner for me. This novel scared the beans out of me. I loved this book. Mandy It’s a densely written legiin, and it doesn’t place all the answers out there on a plate.

I found it interesting and compelling, but the word …more It’s a densely written novel, and it doesn’t place all the answers out there on a plate.

LEGION by William Peter Blatty | Kirkus Reviews

Many times the book makes a point of how “facts” confuse the truth whi Parts of this book are incredible, parts rambling nonsense. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. In the end I still would say I liked this novel.